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    I signed up in March for a new Sprint line of service with one of the SERO plans. At the time I selected a Treo 650. I read a number of posts here on the Treo Central forums where folks had spoken to Sprint reps and were told that they could upgrade to a PowerVision enabled phone at a later date with no problem, since the SERO plan includes either Vision or PowerVision, depending on your phone's capabilities.

    I loved my 650, and sadly it was lost/stolen the middle of last week. I thought my local Sprint store rep had added the loss insurance for me, but turns out he only added the repair insurance. So I was going to be out of luck and have to pay full price for a new phone. I decided to go ahead then and upgrade to a 700p. I go to my local Sprint store but they cannot add the 700p to my account, they get an error message. They call Sprint CS and are told my contract isn't compatible with the 700p, and that before it would work they need to add the PowerVision casual code to my account.

    More than a little frustrated I go home and call Sprint CS, do the "cancel" option and get a very helpful rep who offers me a 700p with all of the rebates and incentives a new customer would receive. I ask her about the change over from Vision to PowerVision. She admits she is unfamilar with the SERO plans and offers to research it further for me but I have to leave so she gives me a number for "Business CS" who can supposedly fix any problem I might encounter.

    From glancing over posts it seems some people who made the upgrade got slammed with a PowerVision casual use charge of $.02/kb. I want to be proactive and avoid this situation. I kept my original print out of my SERO plan options. Can someone who has been in a SERO plan and upgraded from the 650 to 700 shed any light from their experience? I used my 650 data connection a lot, so this is a very important consideration for me.

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    Could be they were talking about using it in "tethered mode?"

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    For anyone who is curious, my 700p came in the mail today. I called to have it activated and the rep could not do it, she got the same problem all the others had gotten - that the 700p was not compatible with my account since I was subscribed under a Vision plan.

    She sent me over to the Business department and a very nice rep there basically switched me from my old SERO 500 plan w/ Vision to the exact same SERO 500 plan but with PowerVision. No change in cost, all is well and WHAM, my download speeds on data are like grease lightning.

    One follow up question if anyone knows - the Rentention rep put a rather large credit on my account. It shows up both when I call in and when I login to my account online. Does anyone know if this credit will stay until its all used up, or is it going to go away after just one month and I lose the unused balance of the credit...or some other option I haven't thought of?

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    The credit is for your payment on the phone. The deduction of the hardware will be taken when you get your first bill.
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    This exact issue (need upgrade to power vision because i bought a 700p) eventually lead me to retention dept.. after about 45 mins of fiddling, they got me a decent plan for $45 i get 1000 mins, power vision, unlimited sms, roaming, and the usual nights/weekend/sprint-to-spring/etc..
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    blu - I already paid for the phone in full via credit card. It shows on my charge card statement. So that doesn't seem right?
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    ^I did the same. Paid with credit card but still saw some large credits. Read in some threads about this 'funny' credits. On your next bill, they will straighten out the billing. So don't pay any attention to what the website or phone-in info tell you. Wait for your new bill where it's itemized and straightened out. No worries.
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