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    Anyone have this working? When I try to connect the client it doesn't log on, when I try to go to the site online, it seems to be down. Anyone else having this problem today?
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    Yes. I can't connect the software to my computer, nor can I go to the website.
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    Mine is down too.
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    I spoke to Sprint Teir 2 data support this morning and she said engineers are currently working the problem. This was not a scheduled outage she said.
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    it seems to be back up now.
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    Yes, it is back up now but I am not receiving any emails on my Treo. They are online (via Sprint BC) but just not on my Treo. It syncs fine wihout any alarm just it does not actually pull/push any data ...
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    Not having any problems here...either on my 650 or 6700
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    Sheesh - I got it fixed and boy am I dumb ....
    I had to do a hard reset due to the endless Access loop and restored from my backup. I did not, however backup my Sprint BC as I thought I can always just download it directly after the restore. Well, I did just that but I have by accident downloaded the enterprise version .... deleted it and dl the Personal Edition and all is well ...

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