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    I just called Sprint to do an ESN swap cause my primary phone was left at home and i wanted to switch to my backup phone (my treo). I was shocked that according to the rep, sprint started charging mandatory $18 activation fees to all customers! I'm a business customer and have never paid an activation fee ever! i've done ESN swaps like this a few times just like many of you probably have. Has anyone else heard this or had the same experience? i'm wondering if the rep i talked to was just full of you know what.
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    I've never paid a fee to do an ESN swap, but Sprint seems to have a adopted a new revenue model of charging for everything they possibly can. I'd ask to speak to a supervisor, tell them you've been a customer for however many years, and if this is the way Sprint's going to treat you it's time to start looking for another provider. See what they say.

    Of course, then you'd have to go through it all again to switch back to your main phone.

    But you should call back anyway and see if a different rep gives you the same story or not.
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    Business account here too. I just did an ESN swap on Monday (7/10) and there was no mention of any fee.

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    Just tell them you won't pay it. They waive it pretty easily.
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    ^I had one that showed up on my bill even after I made sure there wasn't a charge at the time of swap. Called them to waive it - no problem.
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