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    Just wondering what the fee is for returning a treo on 30 day trial.

    I have one coming tomorrow but have all but decided to stick with Verizon. I am wondering how much it will cost me to return it?

    Do I have to pay the full monthly rate for my calling plan, pro rated, or 0$.

    If I have to pay for the full month could I drop to a cheap plan before returning it?

    Thanks for the help.
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    It should be prorated.
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    i think it's prorated too

    should be if it isn't

    Sprint Centro
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    I asked that question at the Sprint store and was told you had 30 days to return it - just pay for the time. Ben
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    I did in fact return it. Although I have yet to recieve my bill, they told me it would be pro rated. Thanks for the help.

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