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    Use creative thinking and adapt your situation into the guidelines given below. Thanks!


    * SERO : Sprint - Official Thread * (Discounted Plans/Phones)
    - Updated for SlickDeals users. -
    - Please do not clutter this thread with posts of conflict or attack other posters. It will result in a 1 to 3 point warnng -
    - Please do not ask nor mention referrals on this thread. -
    - Please read through this thread to find your answer before making a reply. -
    - Remember, anything you do is your responsibility. Be cautious with your plan/account. -

    (Thanks to xtwister161 for introducing SlickDeals to this amazing slick deal!)

    For further details on SERO or to sign up for SERO online: Sprint SERO Website

    For new Sprint customers, using the website to sign up is simple.
    ^ You need a Sprint employee e-mail address (You don’t even have to know them)
    ^ Use Google and search for: " or ""
    ^ For another way to get a Sprint e-mail address, head to a Sprint store and speak to a Sprint rep. Before leaving, get their business card. Their business card should have their e-mail address on it.

    Another way to work for SERO is explained in the following:

    * Go to a Sprint store.
    * Buy a plan and phone.
    * Call up customer service: 1-800-658-7564 (CS w/o hold time)
    ^ Tell customer service you have signed up for a Sprint account & your friend that works for Sprint told you about the SERO plan.
    ^ MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO SWITCH YOU OVER AT THE NEXT PAY PERIOD. (If they switch you immediately, there's a chance you'll get charged twice for your monthly bill)
    ^ You might have to call CS/Retentions several times before a Sprint CSR switches you to SERO. (YMMV) Be patient!
    ^ As a backup, search Google for "" or "" to have a Sprint e-mail address handy incase the Sprint CSR asks for one.


    A list of free/discounted perks...

    7PM Nights & Weekends
    6PM Nights & Weekends
    500 Text Messages Per Month
    Unlimited Text Messages Per Month
    Sprint Vision or Sprint Power Vision
    FIMF (First Incoming Minute Free)

    ^ There are more perks than those listed. The ones above are just examples of what you could get through retentions/eCare.
    ^ Please attempt to get your perks before switching your plan to SERO.
    ^ For new Sprint customers immediately joining with SERO, good luck in getting perks after SERO. The process is difficult so expect to have a tough go at it.

    ^ Call customer service/retentions OR e-mail Customer Care (eCare) to inquire about free/discounted additions to your plan. If they deny your request, try again! Make sure to say "thank you" to your Sprint CSR whether or not they hook you up!
    ^ Please note that Sprint's automated system does log your call activity into Sprint. It can be as little as the Sprint CSR's employee ID number but their system does log this. It is up to the Sprint CSR to add further notes onto your account. If your call is quick and you get a "no" immediately, it is possible that they won't notate your account with your request....this means Keep Trying!

    = Save UP TO 65% Off The List Price =

    500 Minutes = $30.00
    1250 Minutes = $49.99
    2500 Minutes = $99.99
    1000 Minutes (w/ Free Incoming) = $99.99

    - Unlimited Sprint Vision or Power Vision
    - Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
    - Unlimited Sprint Picture Mail
    - Unlimited Roaming
    - Unlimited Nights & Weekends (Starts @ 9PM)
    - Nationwide Long Distance
    - Crystal Clear Calls
    - Voice Mail
    - Caller ID
    - Call Waiting
    - Numeric Paging
    - Three-Way Calling

    (One or more rebates may apply to your purchase/s)
    - Sprint $150 7/02-7/29 - Link
    - Sprint $150 6/18-7/01 Link
    - Sprint $150 5/21-6/18 Link
    - Sprint $150 4/23-5/20 Link
    - Sprint $150 2/19-4/22 Link
    - PPC-6700 $100 5/21-6/18 Link
    - PPC-6700 $50 5/1-5/31 Link
    - BlackBerry 7520 $100 9/1-4/22 Link
    - Treo 650 $50 4/23-7/29 Link
    - Another Sprint ($ Varies) 4/23-5/20 Link
    - Blackberry 7520 $100 4/2-4/22 Link

    Sprint Power Vision, aka EVDO, is much faster than regular Sprint Vision.
    ^ ONLY Power Vision phones can use Power Vision.
    ^ Power Vision has limited coverage
    ^ Non-Power Vision phones which are Vision enabled phones will use regular Vision.

    Answers To FAQ's:
    -- Yes, you can pay $30/month and order directly through the website with relatively no problems. Use Google to find a Sprint e-mail address.

    -- To get a discount on your purchased phone, attempt to price match at a Sprint store or through Sprint retentions.
    ^ Sprint stores and retentions can price match B&M stores such as BestBuy, etc. Check out competing store flyers as you will need the flyer to PM at a Sprint store (They will not price match eBay).
    ^ Sprint stores and retentions can price match online sites such as Amazon, Wirefly, etc (They will not price match eBay).
    ^ If a Sprint store or Sprint retentions turns you down, try again!

    -- Ask the Sprint store or retentions to waive your activation fee.

    -- You can get a discounted phone via eBay. This method is more difficult/tricky. Buy from an eBay seller with a regular planPhones. However, if you change your plan within the first billing cycle, you will get charged full price for the phone. As soon as you get the phone, call Sprint and tell them you’re a new customer and want to switch to SERO. Make sure to tell Sprint to switch you on your NEXT billing cycle. If you switch it within the 1st billing cycle, your phone discount will not be valid and you will be changed full price for the phone. Also, make sure the eBay seller you deal with does NOT require you to keep the same plan for 3 months.

    Keep trying, keep calling, and you might just get lucky!
    ^ If you find a Sprint CSR to switch you to SERO, they usually don't even ask for an e-mail address. They switch you right over!

    -- You CAN take advantage of SERO even if you're in contract/have a plan with Sprint.

    -- If and when you are finally on SERO, give it a few hours to a day or two, then call back and have a Sprint CSR confirm your new plan details.

    -- For an extra 10% or 15% or $5 off every month, call this flyer #: 1-877-234-0091.
    ^ Tell them you received a customer appreciation card (Flyer) in the mail which states you will get 10% off per month if you call up Sprint. The Sprint CSR may give you the 10% off or offer you 15% off per month or $5 off per month, depending on the actual CSR. They may require you to renew your contract for this deal.

    -- Why call retentions (Sprint's cancellation department) first? Well, if you call them after you have several discounts, they probably won't offer you anything else. In extreme situations, they might audit your account or even strip your account of some/all discounts you have. They might also notate your account for Sprint not to give you any discounts at all.

    -- You CANNOT sign up for a family plan on SERO. However, if you have a SERO account for one phone, you can try to add-a-phone. Add-a-phone will only share the MINUTES from your SERO plan, nothing else (your SERO discounts, plan features, etc., will NOT be shared via add-a-phone).

    -- To sign up or switch your plan to SERO, you are required to sign up for (or renew) a 2-year service contract! There is no way around this.

    Things To Remember While Speaking With/E-Mailing Sprint CSR's:
    (1) Be very nice and courteous
    (2) Ask how they’re doing at the beginning
    (3) Try to hold a regular conversation with your Sprint CSR while they help you with your account.
    (3) Use phrases like “I’m thinking about..." intead of "I'm going to..." or "I called to cancel..." Only threaten to cancel if you are serious about doing so or if the Sprint CSR seems like they will give you your discount/perk if you mention "cancel" to them.
    (4) If there is a problem or delay in your conversation with a Sprint CSR, try the following method (feel free to change up the words to your liking): “I was wondering if there was any kind of credit you could offer because of the delay/problem/inconvenience in this situation.” Be nice but firm at the same time.
    (5) Ignore answers given to you by negative Sprint CSR's. As evidenced by this thread and the responses on it, it can be done...and with patience, hopefully, it will be done.
    (6) Be nice, be patient, keep trying!

    ***MORE UPDATED FAQ'S*** (Updated: 7.03.06 - Based on topics on the first 12 pages of this thread)

    -- The previous SERO expiration date (6.30.06) has been extended. It has been reported that the newest expiration date is 7.31.06...although there is no reason to believe that SERO will not be extended after 7.31.06. Please do not ask about expiration dates...even Sprint employees are not aware of an extension on SERO until days before an expiration date.

    -- A SERO plan is a Fair & Flexible Plan. It will be listed as such on your billing statement/account details.
    ^ "Adjustable Anytime Minutes" on your statement equals the minutes on the SERO plan you have.

    -- When switching from your old plan to a SERO plan, ask to make the switch effective at the next bill cycle. A switch of plans in the middle of a bill cycle can result in overages including, but not limited to, being charged fully twice (once for your old plan and once for your new plan). To avoid confusion and unnecessary overages, have the switch made effective at the start of a new monthly bill cycle.

    -- New Sprint customers (on SERO or otherwise)...your trial period is 30 days. Use this time to call/e-mail Sprint. Attempt to get your plan/phone details the way you want them to be. You can pricematch, attempt to add perks, etc. during this time! This is also the best time for new Sprint customers who immediately signed up for SERO to attempt to get perks.

    -- A $5 e-billing credit = Acheiving a recurring credit for e-billing is rare. Sprint's policy states that e-billing is a one time only credit. If you get a CSR who assures you that it is recurring, be thankful that you have encountered a rep who is unaware of proper Sprint policy. Have them NOTATE your account for a "recurring credit." Those who have recurring credits are lucky as e-billing is not supposed to be recurring. For more information, view the following two reply posts: E-Bill Credit? E-Bill Credit Explained

    -- A loyalty discount is different from a $5/10%/15% flyer discount. It is possible to have both discounts on your account. In addition, you can have a corporate discount with these two other discounts. Ideally, it is suggested that you add your corporate and/or inquire about a loyalty discount before having a SERO plan.
    ^ For longtime, loyal Sprint users, it is possible to gain a loyalty discount as high as 25%. They range from 5%-25% (25% being rare).

    -- Does Sprint confirm corporate discount information? Yes. Sprint users who are also supervisors have reported that they have infact been contacted in the past to confirm corporate discount information. Does Sprint check everytime? No. Should you take that chance? It's up to you.

    -- Retentions Vs. eCare, which is better? There is no correct answer for this. Retentions would be best for changing your entire plan (from a regular plan to SERO, for example) or upgrading phones at a discounted price. eCare would be best for free perks, verifying account information (in order to have a verification in written format). However, you can use either option for anything you wish...the success rate varies per individual experience.

    -- Sprint usually neglects to enable Picture Mail (usually $5 per month but included as FREE on a SERO plan) when you sign up for SERO. Simply call CS or e-mail eCare to have this enabled.

    Streaming Live TV @

    Unlimited VOIP

    Unlimited Outbound Calls For $5

    ***Sprint Phone Numbers & Contact Information***

    1-888-715-4588 Activations
    1-800-658-7564 Retention
    1-866-207-7913 Retention
    1-866-818-1802 Buisness Retention
    1-888-876-8381 Employee Accounts
    1-888-211-4727 Customer Service (with hold time)
    1-877-909-4806 Customer Service (with hold time)
    1-800-658-7564 Customer Service (w/o hold time)
    1-877-822-7505 Customer Service (w/o hold time)
    1-888-788-4727 Business Customer Service
    1-877-812-1223 Business Customer Service
    1-866-581-9266 Business Customer Service (w/o hold time)
    1-866-818-1944 Power Vision/Internet Support
    1-888-547-8119 Collections
    1-866-250-2221 Employee Customer Service (Includes SERO customers)
    1-866-519-5698 Executive Services (For when things get really messed up)
    1-888-347-8988 Executive Services (For when things get really messed up)
    1-817-215-3070 Executive Services (For when things get really messed up)
    1-888-312-0050 National Business plan
    1-800-477-4127 Rebate Line (Get the status of your Sprint rebate)
    1-866-519-5698 (Or directly at 817-215-3070) Sprint PCS Corporate HQ/Executive Services/Escalations
    1-888-253-1315 TeleSales - Phones & Accessories and Customer Service for Phone & Online orders
    1-877-228-2257 Vision/3G Wireless Web Support Department
    1-877-888-1518 Password 4357# (HELP#) WLNP Priority Help Link - Help dealing with WLNP port problems
    1-888-788-0788 Fraud Department
    1-800-865-7786 Internal Marketing Opt-Out (Tell Sprint you don’t want your contact info to be shared with other Sprint divisions for marketing purposes)
    1-888-226-7212 International Roaming

    On Your Sprint Phone:
    *2 Customer Service
    *3 Bill Payment (Speedpay)
    *4 Airtime Usage
    #222 Accessory Purchasing
    #733 (#REF) Referral Credit System
    #724 Charles Schwab Direct
    #986 Western Union
    ^ To reach retentions via your Sprint phone, dial *2 and say "Cancel" when prompted.
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    Hey medman, thanks for the digest; this is one of the rare cases when you probably won't hear me complain about a "duplicate" thread, assuming the concerns below are addressed:

    - This should be in the CDMA-US forum, not the 650 Hardware forum (mods, please move).
    - How can we read the original threads if you don't link to them, especially since some clearly are not TC threads?
    - If no links, can you please provide dates? Some of this sounds out of date.
    - How is it possible to discuss SERO plans without mentioning referrals? The OP does realize what the "R" in "SERO" stands for, right???
    - This seems to equate SERO and retention plans. My understanding is that they are two different things. Probably not a good idea to threaten cancellation and then start rambling about SERO; this would likely come across as, "I have no intention of canceling. I'm just trying everything I can to get a cheap plan."
    - What does the bit about Orb, VOIP, and outbound calls have to do with anything? It has no context whatsoever.
    - What do *3, *4, #222, #724, or #986 have to do with discounted plans?

    Not trying to flame, but you gotta admit these are good questions.
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    kvcobra, here is the original post over as SD.
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    Thanks, and thanks again...I have been thinking of doing this but have been dragging my feet. Maybe this will help me pick them up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths
    kvcobra, here is the original post over as SD.
    Thanks for the link.
    ... Als sie mich holten, gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte.
    ... Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out.
    -- Rev. Martin Niemöller

    Clie T615C + Nokia 6360 (SunCom) --> Treo 650 (Sprint) --> Treo 755p (Sprint) + BlackBerry 7130e (VZW)
    Palm (aka Plantronics) Ultralight Wireless headset
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    This isn't originally my put together work but that is my re-written thread I posted specifically for SlickDeals. you can read several lines down: "- Updated for SlickDeals users. -"

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