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    Roaming was to start yesterday on Alltel. The 700p is only Treo that supports it. Anyone in an Alltel area try to force roaming and see if data works?
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    Its about time. That will help widen the spectrum as far as the digital end.
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    I tried but it didn't work. I keep getting an invalid username/password error. I work in a sprint pcs area but live in an alltel area. I can't wait for this to start working.
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    I can send and receive sms while roaming, but can't use vision, I get the same error
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    I was told that if you are in an AllTel area it may still say Sprint on the display. Is this the case or not?
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    Those of you that have tested, are you on a 700p with PRL 20222? The 600 and 650 are not supported.

    To check who you are roaming on, do ##DEBUG#, get SID number and compare to this list.
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    I would also think you'd need the updated PRL to be able to roam on Alltel.

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    I have prl 20221 and am roaming on verizon
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    dbarrett5381...You're DATA ROAMING on Verizon!??!
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    He probably means voice roaming. db, this thread is about data roaming.
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    When I tried late last night I checked the SID and was roaming on Alltel out of Toledo. I have PRL 20221. I have a 700p and an AirCard with the same PRL. I get the authentication error on both devices. I am going to contact Sprint and see if I can get a PRL update.
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    I can't use vision, but CAN send and receive text messages while roaming on verizon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381
    I can't use vision, but CAN send and receive text messages while roaming on verizon.
    No news there. SMS doesn't use Vision; it uses the voice network.
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    I forced my 700p to roaming only, and am on SID 94 (which is Verizon Wireless, I believe) I have been sending and receiving sms all day while roaming. When I try to access vision I get invalid username and password. FWIW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kvcobra
    No news there. SMS doesn't use Vision; it uses the voice network.
    oh...well then nevermind, sorry. I haven't been able to sms while roaming though until I got this phone.
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    My phone is flagged for the PRL update but it won't update. I called Sprint a couple of times about not being able to use vision while roaming but I can't get anywhere. The first couple of times I called the CS rep told me I couldn't use vision while roaming. He had no idea about the Alltel announcement.

    I hope to be able to get this working soon. This is the only reason I upgraded to a 700p.
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    I was able to update my PRL to 20222 on my 700p and tried again. I still get the same error. If I have time today I am going to call and see what is going on.
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    I wonder if the July 1 date is some kind of corporate agreement in effect date rather than a rollout date?
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    "Does the agreement with Alltel mean that we will have data roaming coverage July 1?

    No. July 1 is ONLY the effective date of the contract. Sprint/Nextel is working through the data roaming implementation process with Alltel and other roaming partners to provide data roaming coverage. 1xRTT data roaming coverage is expected to be delivered sometime in 3Q06. Delivery of EVDO data roaming coverage is still TBDTBDTBD.&$quot$;
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    Someone here claims they are roaming data. Sprint Blackberry on Alltel network in Arizona. Anyone able to get a 700p to work in AZ?
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