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    I just received my replacement 650 and it was programed incorrectly. Long story short...Sprint had me reprogram the phone and provided the MSL. Any benefit to keeping this number laying around? IE - can I unlock the phone and update the rom to another carrier? Just curious...
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    Keep that MSL code someplace safe, its good to have. You dont need it to update your ROM, nor will it be any good in regard to changing carriers. Its a Sprint CDMA phone and while Verizon used to except these phones into their system, they no longer do. Nor will anyone else.

    There are some programming features that having the MSL code allows you to access. However, most of the features should be done cautiously. One useful feature of the MSL is doing a zero out reset, which will wipe your phone should you want to sell it.
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    you can also use it to take out blazer proxy info seems to make blazer better ( well not as good as novarra but oh well)

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