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    Sprint has been calling me once a day for the past month (6+ year customer w/ Treo 600, contract expires 8/5/06). I finally answered to see what they were offering. They were after me to add a line and upgrade plan with some free phones. I told them didn't need an extra line, but looking for a new Treo (had a 600 since the release date and looking for a 700p), so I wanted to see what they would do. Best I could get was $374 with improved plan for the same cost as my current one. I'll just wait a little longer and try the Retentions route that's been successful for others.
    Bo Meyer
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    They called me offering the same thing and she said that if I didn't like the phone I could take it back to a Sprint store. That was a complete lie. Turns out I was dealing with a secondary marketing company Sprint is using trying to get people to sign up for additional lines. I had to have Sprint send me a phone return kit to get the phone back to them.

    Just be wary if you are cold-called.

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