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    I have ordered a new Treo 650 from to use with Verizon wireless. Its on its way and should receive it by friday. Decided to research more on the phone and be ready for my new Treo 650 when it arrives (am a gadget lover and being a student spending $40.00 after mail-in rebates IS expensive!).
    After reading user comments I am worried whether I will be plagued by these issues. I will be on a one year contract and am hoping the phone will last atleast till then. i do not intend to sign up for the verizon data usage and use primarily the phone with pda. Since this is a hardcore Treo userlist, I am requesting input from the userbase and their experience with their treo 650's (with verizon?). As long as the hardware works well I can try to work around the software issues.

    thanks ppl !

    P.S. should this be posted in Treo hardware forum ?
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    Ya could have bought a better phone. Palm also sells better PDAs. Get the data plan, which is what makes the Treo special in the first place
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    I cant afford to spend that much right now Clairegrl. For now, i want to stick with a basic plan and once I graduate can think about jumping loops and hoops. What I am wondering is that, will the treo 650 hardware last for an year atleast before i start hearing the buzzing sound or the screen freezing up or the likes what other users have been seeing with their hardware ?

    Shouldnt I be covered by 1 year warranty against manufacture defects ? Who should cover that, Verizon, Palm or ? I heard lot of funny stories of verizon reps trying to fleece their customers. I am with t-mobile right now and have been a happy customer with them so far.

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