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    I know this has been discussed in the past, but now I want to get more specific.

    I live in Durham and want to get a 700p. I can't decide between Verizon and Sprint. I have Verizon on my Motorla cellphone now and it's fine. I occassionally get "external networking" in northern Chapel Hill, but it's only a few block radius.

    I do travel throughout the state and into the NY and DC metropolitan areas. I'd like to hear the experiences of people in these areas as to coverage--especially data coverage.

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    I live on the Virginia side of DC and find my Verizon phones get consistently better reception than my Sprint phones. There are about 10 areas I routinely pass through driving between clients I have to plan my Sprint phonecalls around to try minimizing the dropped calls. I don't know of any similar Verizon reception black holes.
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    Verizon will have better coverage for the most part. I do know if you head out to towards the beach areas of NC there are some significant holes in service. Within any metro area both Verizon and Sprint will be fine. Plus with the Altell Roaming agreement going active at the end of the month, on Sprint, you should see some better coverage in NC Rural Areas.

    My neighbor just purchased a 700P on Sprint and the receiption is 100 Times better than My 650. Just in our neighborhood I get just barely get signal on the outside of my house. His 700P gets full signal, that is reason enough for me to get the upgrade.
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    In the DC area Verizon has better coverage than Sprint. However, my Sprint 700p has better reception than my Sprint 650. I have coverage with my Sprint phone wherever I go between Boston and NC. Sometimes the reception is weak, where I know it's better with Verizon, but the cheaper Sprint plans make up for the difference.

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