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    My sprint treo completely locked up today. None of the keys work. Hard reset, still nothing.

    I brought it into the Sprint Store and they said yup, its fried. I've only owned the Treo for 11 months and it looks like there is a 12 month warranty.

    The dude at the Sprint Store said Palm is responsible for replacing the phone. I went to the Palm site, and it says Sprint is responsible for replacing the phone.

    Can someone help me?

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    It's a ***** session at Sprint probably. Where did you buy it from - Palm or Sprint? Ben
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    Call Sprint CS on the phone, act humble and ask how you get your phone replaced. Dont tell then you already went to the store. Have them put a note in the record. You should be able to pick up a new phone at the store. This is how I got my 1st replacement. Good Lock!

    Was is locked tight as a drum?? or tight as a clam?? Actually, which is tighter. The drum or the clam??
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