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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    When I called Sprint over the weekend they said they are looking into changing the Power Vision plans to incorporate text since so many people are complaining about having to pay extra. We'll see if there is any truth behind that eventually.
    That would be a nice surprise....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    I am with Cingular, I have never been charged for text.
    It's a part of my $20 a mo unlimited data.
    They changed the unlimited data plan where it does not include text. Make sure you do not change your data plan or you will lose those unlimited text messages.
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    BWAHAHAHA! it probably was me... I am in Olney every so often... The closest Coldstone Creamery to me is in Olney!

    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider
    Damn, you look JUST like someone I saw in the Olney, Md a few weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregC
    I've been using the sprint vision unlimited data for the last several years starting with the treo 300 then the Treo 600 until now. I was only paying 10 bucks a month for unlimited data and unlimited text messages! I'm loosing my unlimited texting priviledges after they gave me texting for 1 more year free. I simply just saw this customer warning on my online bill page. I didn't know they had already started charging for incoming texts already for other customers. Sorry to hear! Again just FYI for those that are unaware!
    Thanks for the heads-up. (I guess I'm in the same boat as you.) -- Bob
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    I'm still surprised that Sprint didn't send out a separate mailer for this with a FAQ style format. in lieu of that, more questions:

    + So, how much is Sprint charging for/per each text message (that is sent from a Sprint PCS phone)?

    + Are you going to be ADDITIONALLY charged to sending text messages to a non Sprint/Sprint phone, even if your monthly allotment is 100 messages?

    + If one is month-to-month with Sprint currently (like I am) and not under contract, is there a way to leverage this with retention?

    + About a year ago, I switched from $15/month unlimited Web, unlimited text messages to $10/month for unlimited Web & 100 text messages/month. For those who still have the $15 month deal, it seems you are safe. Correct or no?

    + Is it possible to switch back to the $15/month plan without getting back on contract? I switched to the $15 to $10 without such hassle.

    + What is the deadline for switching back to the $15 plan? I'm guessing the end of June, but these days who knows?
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    Doesn't bother me since everyone I text doesn't seem to have Sprint as their carrier anyway.
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    This is true, it is on my statement, as well. I asked the CSR I was on the phone with at the time and she said that since I have UNL text that this does not apply to me.

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