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    With my old Treo 650, I was paying $15/month for unlimited data and 100 text messages.

    Now that I have a 700p, Sprint says they now have to charge me $5/month for the 100 text messages, as this is no longer included, in addition to the $15/month for unlimited text messages. My bill is now $20/month instead of the previous $15/month.

    The Sprint rep says this is true for 700p users. Is this true, or is it full of cr@p?

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    I think this is true in that the base Power Vision service is $15 and that does not include SMS, which you can get for an extra $5. You got the same story I did so I have temporarily kept my old Vision plan (it still gets EVDO) pending any extra charges on my first or second bill with the 700p.

    You might try calling the Sprint Retention department to see if they can help you out. I wasn't lucky with that last night but I'll try again with a different rep.
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    that is bull crap!! I called & said when I get the 700 I want my same unlimited vision, sms etc. for $10 a month. He said at first that he couldn't do that because you MUST have Powervision on with 700 & it does not include any text messages. I said "hey no fair" & he put me on hold. then he came back & offered Powervision for $10 with no sms. He could add unlimited sms for $8 but then credit my account for $8 each month. So yes you can do it. you just have to know how to haggle! if they won't do it, hang up & try again!
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    You have to call rententions and negotiate with them. A lot of people have gotten the 700p with $15/month powervision and 500 text messages included...
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    how do I get the # to the sprint retntion department?

    They want me to pay 649 for this phone which is nuts. Ill go to verizon 1st


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