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    After trying 3 times unsuccessfully to get Retentions to give me a price better than $500 for a 700p, I got a call on my cell from someone with Sprint Business services.

    It is not the greatest deal in the world, new phone, 2 year contract, $300 service credit, overnight ship, keep my free SMS. But it does get me the phone for a $349.00 equivalent.

    Has anyone else been actually called by Sprint with an offer like this?

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    if you get a new 2 year contract you automatically qualify for the $150 rebate. and if you're a palm 'developer' you can get an additional $100 off by signing up for thr plugged-in program
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    Again, I have never gotten carrier or on line prices anything near what I get walking into a brick and mortar "all carriers" store....and only 1 year contracts besides.

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