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    You can roam on Verizon's network if you're a Sprint customer. It's $5.00 extra if it didn't come with your plan. Also, Sprint will add data roaming beginning July of this year.

    So come July, you can roam on Verizon's network and get full service (voice and EVDO).
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    Quote Originally Posted by underburn
    So then why would anyone get verizon? hahaha's all about marketing!
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    So then why would anyone get verizon? hahaha
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    Well... I've had sprint, t mobile and my most recent carrier has been VZW for 3 yrs. They are extremely stuck on themselves with the "we are the only carrier" attitude. But the main reason I left Sprint... they were the same way. Their customer service blows, as does VZW. VZW picks up best for me, and I travel all the time with work. Sprint's "no roaming" doesn't always allow you to pick up on other's towers... they may switch over but most often I'd never be able to dial out or recieve calls.

    With both Spint and VZW it is all about who you get ahold to. If you get connected with the right person, you'll get great deals / help. This week I just got a new Treo 700p for $220, with overnight shipping and a VZW leather case. The store reps know nothing, call and ask for telesales. I more or less told them I was going to leave because they would not honour the data plan discount nor the NE2. So all they had to do was call my local store and find out what the phone was being sold for. They took that price, honoured the NE2 $100 discount and the $100 data discount. That was a five minute convo.

    Just like sprint, they would always promise a call back from a manager and it would never occur. Yet on occasion I'd get in touch with a very helpful rep who would update my rate plan to the newest promotion w/o renewing my contract. Most would say no, but on that call I got lucky. Out of all the wireless providers, in my experience, cingular and t-mobile are well beyond anything sprint or vzw could offer.

    I only pay $88 per month for unlimited data and 1350min per month, unlimited in calling... I don't understand how Sprint's data and minutes are so much cheaper as everyone raves about. My local Sprint encouraged me not to switch service as it still sucked in my area compared to VZW and for comparable rate plan they were well beyond what I pay now. I am not biased, I was searching my best offer before renewing any contract.
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    I just got my sprint 700p treo and I am dropping calls already, with verzion 700w I have didnt have this problem. I left verizon because I was being overcharged for their evdo 45.00 compared to sprint 15. I was paying 125 a month with VZW for 1350 mins and evdo,insurents,and m2m. I am now paying 55.99 for sero 1250 mins,evdo,free m2m,insurents. Do the math. I am overall happy with sprint and my treo 700p just cant wait for the firmware update to fix the app lagging.
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    did you have any problems activating your treo on the SERO plan ?
    with SERO did you need to signup for a phone (ie Samsung A900) that uses PV ?

    I'm planning on opening 2 lines of service one SERO and one to get a discounted Treo; and the swap the two ESN. So that I get treo on the SERO plan and the other phone on regular F&F (will become my brothers)
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    My plan was eligible for a new phone but at first the Verizon rep said the $100 discount was only good for new customers. I explained I was, reluctantly, about to become a former customer. Eventually, the rep helpfully told me to buy the phone online at the stated price and that she'd credit my account $100. So I did, and she did. Even called me back a few days later to make sure everything went ok. She said she'd done the same thing before, so maybe it's really a game of Verizon Roulette. If you get a stubborn rep, might be worth hanging up and trying again.
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    Very true. Isn't it a lot easier, I mean profitable for VZW to not give the discounts... and only the ones who complain and make the effort either leave or end up recieving the discounts they deserve? Out of the millions of customers, most don't leave and most don't have the time or know-how to get what they deserve. Very bright on Verizon's part. I hope they wake up before the tables turn and one day be one of the smaller wireless providers.

    About Sprint, that sounds rather untrue. The rep said the $15 plan was not for unlimted data on pda and/or laptop. I'm sure they are smart enough to figure it out sooner or later. And as soon as enough people rip them off they'll stop that service from being actived on the PDA. If it is actually $15 for the unlimted data , fill me in. I'd be more than happy to switch for such cheap service. And if it is that cheap, practically everyone on their network will end up having unlimted data. All circuits might end up being busy (sorta like comcast flooding new markets, overselling, and then the digital cable being about as fast as dialup)
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    Quote Originally Posted by marketing
    And if it is that cheap, practically everyone on their network will end up having unlimted data. All circuits might end up being busy (sorta like comcast flooding new markets, overselling, and then the digital cable being about as fast as dialup)
    It really is unlimited data FROM THE PHONE. With the tethering hack here, the separate Modem NAI (how Sprint tracks phone-as-modem use vs phone data use) is disabled. For light browsing from your laptop once in a while, it's fine but don't start downloading Sopranos episodes from Bitorrent using your Treo as a modem.

    As to the "is it really unlimited", yes it is. People have been saying that line about the speeds slowing down since unlimited Vision rolled out in 2002. Occasionally, it will slow down but my experience has been largely positive. My EVDO data speeds are very fast (500+ kbps downloads) and it has been pretty consistent although it does vary a bit with signal strength. Here in Pittsburgh, Sprint and Verizon are about equal in terms of their network quality and coverage WHERE I GO. I have tried both and went with Sprint because of a combination of price and level of service.
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    But you have to use a hack for it to work? Or they'll let you do it from the store? If you have to hack it, what is their price to really have the legal unlimted data? Some minor things, like using it only when ur power goes out as a backup modem, I wouldn't feel too worried about the hack. But for everyday use, I would worry of the repercussions. That's just me.

    You can do the same thing with VZW for free. I have a friend that logs in a few times a month to use the broadband, he has a regular Motorola phone and does it over bluetooth. There's no paying $15 a month. It's not even a hack, just type in the standard user name and password! He only has regular voice plan of $49 a month! Seems lots of people do it too, I'm surprised they haven't figured a way to cut that out yet.
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    I dunno...borrowed my buddies Sprints Treo 650 to see how it would work in my house...any by golly the signal strength is about the same...hmmmm
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    Unlimited data means unlimited browsing, steaming or data use from the phone/treo. Using the treo as a modem violates the terms of service without paying $40 more to get the phone as modem plan. The hack just eliminates the ability of Sprint to tell whether your data usage on your treo is treo-based or treo-as-modem based. Unlimited data for $15 truly is unlimited but only from your treo.
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    All of you guys crowing about subscribing to Sprint & roaming on Verizon are missing one critical point - data. I was a longtime Sprint customer but once I moved out of the Atlanta metro and started driving more rural roads, where Sprint is not an option. Data coverage is extremely important to me, and unfortunately Sprint doesn't offer much outside of metro areas or interstate corridors.

    The Verizon roaming option would be great if data were included - "IsLNdbOi" do you have any way to confirm your statement about data roaming being available in July? That sounds too good to be true. I'd have to see it to believe it.

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    Thanks, but that's Alltel roaming... big deal.

    I've seen several mentions in the forums about Sprint 1xRTT data roaming on Verizon rumored to be in the works ... but nothing definitive ... hence the request for confirmation.
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    Sprint will begin roaming data on Alltel starting July 1, 1xRTT and EVDO. Alltel has major rural coverage where Sprint is not so this is a very big deal. There are rumors that Sprint/Verizon 1xRTT data roaming will happen this year, but probably not EVDO.
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    On Verizon's 'unlimited' claims for EVDO, check out this thread. EVDO laptop users are getting cancelled on Verizon...
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