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    I believe carriers are counting on even 5% of people to not look at their bill and just pay it, resulting in huge profits for them. Many times it's much more than 5%. Imagine if they could get away with a $10 from 100,000 people? Wow.

    Anyway, always check your bill. I had $28 in extra charges for things I was told would be free, like Power Vision for my first month, SMS for my first month, etc. Once I spotted the errors, I printed out that page, circled them, and wrote Sprint a very nice email with bullet points for each extra charge and an explanation of why it should be removed. Within 3 hours I received a response and a credit was applied to my account.

    I know I'm not alone in this, so I'm not trying to preach anything new. My point is that for those who are getting those first bills, like if you bought a 700p, etc, make sure you check them to ensure that no extra charges are put on there. Best wishes!
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    i always check mine too. nothing has ever ever been wrong, but you never know.

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