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    Anyone else get a flier in the maill about Embarq?

    Some new Sprint spinoff of their data/phone services (what else does sprint do?)

    [quote] Introducing Embarq
    A new company with a new local focus.

    What does it mean when your phone and data services are separating from Sprint? Only good things. As EMBARQ, we'll b efocused on what matters most to your business, dependability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Of course, there will also be new products and pricing thrown in. Here's some of what we're working on:

    * New, innovative wireless options
    * Dependable business-class products and services
    * Customizable bundled solutions
    *Cutting-edge communications equipment is their website. Just trying to figure out where the HELL this came from and what this might mean as a sprint treo user.
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    Looks like Sprint's version of bundled services (phone, ISP, wireless). Here's the page on their "wireless" offering:

    I don't think it's anything we will be forced to do. I hope not. I don't have TV or an ISP.

    What does it mean? More money for Sprint, possible huge headaches for users who switch, and the ever popular "calling customer service 5 times to get one person who understands this stuff" square dance.

    I was cynical AND wrong. Check out this post. Sounds like Sprint stores (at least in some areas) will be rebranded as Embarq!
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