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    How does one go about unlocking an associated Treo? I'm interested in changing from Sprint to Verizon and currently have a Treo 650. I read on this forum somewhere that a user successfully changed a Cingular 650 to unlocked (i understand Cingular is not CDMA like Sprint & Verizon).
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    I want to to do the opposite, go from Verizon to Sprint on my T650. Any suggestion where to start?
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    Unless something has changed . . . Sprint and Verizon have shut this potential ability down by requiring any phone accessing their network to have an approved ESN. A Verizon phone's ESN will not be on Sprint's list and visa versa. . . .

    Or has this changed since it was shut down 2 years ago in the early 650 era?

    You know. . . the money you save in data charges and the minutes saved by both being on the same network by your going to Sprint . . . might pay for a Centro in 3 to 4 months. . . .

    or Seanoj might make you a deal on a used Sprint 650 . . .
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    Or maybe these two could just swap phones???

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