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    If some of this is already answered here in this forum in bits and bobs, PLEASE forgive me. I keep finding conflicting information so I thought I'd adress all my concerns here.

    I am a Sprint user here in the United States. Their technology is the only one I have any experience with up until recently. I know they offer Treo phones and I REALLY want one. I live part of the year in England as well. I have an account over there with Orange (since Sprint is not offered.) and over there I have been using my friend's Treo phone while she is away. Their technology allows you to simply switch between phones by using a SIM card. The phone company doesn't care what phone you use, your account is linked to the card not the phone.

    Is it possible to purchase a Treo phone, hook it up to my Sprint account and ALSO use it in England? SPRINT service doesn't cross over there at all do it will just be a dead phone with no signal until I put my UK SIM in there.

    I've heard things about unlocking. Do I need to do this? What exactly IS unlocking?

    Also, I am a MAC user, so that might be relevant.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a specific TREO phone I need? Any and all relevant advice is certainly welcomed!!
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    Your sprint's CDMA so cannot be used across the pond. England or Europe and a large chunk of the rest of the world is on GSM hence the ability to switch sim cards and use it universally. There's no such things as "unlocking" when it comes to antiquated CDMA technology. Heck, the only place you can shove a simcard into a CDMA phone is the rubbish bin. Your only option is to pick up another unlocked GSM Treo to use over there if you're so inclined on shelling out another $3xx on Ebay or just get a reg unlocked phone and use the Treo as a PDA.
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    Thanks Speedy!!

    I knew that their technology was CDMA and that's one reason I couldn't use my current phone over there, but I was hoping I could find a way to cheat somehow. I know someone who is a Sprint customer and he has the Treo 650 It has the slot on top for the Sim card so I'm wondering what's to stop me from getting the phone and just using it as a phone, not a carrier and disregarding the Sprint service once I'm over the pond. Are the Treo phones that Sprint uses different than the ones for say Cingular or Verizon? If they are manufactured differently specifically for Sprint, why is there a slot for a card? There has just got to be a way around this.
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    I think that slot is probably for an SD memory card, not a SIM card. My GSM Treo has two slots on top, one for the SIM and one for memory.

    Both Sprint and Verizon use the same technology so the phone is probably the same. Cingular is GSM so their phones are probably different.
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    ^^^What he said except I'll edit and say that the slot is "definitely" for the SD card. Chances your friend pulled a sleight of hand pulled some sort of David Copperfield on you
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    LOL!! More like he's just not the most technically inclined! the Sprint phone is a no-go. But I really don't want to have to deal with 2 identical phones and I'm not about to carry around a separate PDA when I'm working in the one last question. If I switch to one of the other providers, like Cingular...would I have better luck? Would I be able to get "double-duty" on that phone?

    I really, really appreciate all these responses! This is so very helpful. I originally contacted Sprint and the makers of Treo...but nobody could give me any concrete answers. Thank God for these forums!!! Kudos to you!!
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    Tmo & Cingular would be your choice for double duty here and abroad. If you signing up with new activation you'll be able to get it at a discounted price but if you already have acct with either of those GSM providers, then pick up a GSM phone on Ebay. Look for the unlocked ones and you'll be able to use it across the pond or anywhere in the world with GSM service for that matter.
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    I was in Europe for two months.
    Forward your calls from your sprint number to your Orange or Cingular account if you need that. I am Cingular user, brought two Treos. One I put Orange Card in, one I used Cingular. In Europe Two months.

    Orange card provided calling and data. I used Cingular card for calling states and receiving calls from people who did not have my Orange number. Using Data on Orange card used up prepaid card rather quickly.

    Orange allows you to roam in most of Europe and in most waters (Cruising).

    If you get Cingular account make sure you sign up for International calling and International data before you leave, it will save you a great deal of money.

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