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    I don't have a contract with Sprint and just bought my 700P (Currently have 650). I called Sprint and got transfered to Retentions. Anyway I was offered the $75 discount only and I said Cancel because I can get a better discount with Verizon. Well the person never tried to convince me or offer any discounts and proceeded to Cancel my Account. Anybody have any advice ?
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    call back and talk to someone else
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    Heh. Not trying to mock your pain, but that's KINDA funny.
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    It'll be fun.
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    Never threaten unless you are truly willing to follow it thru. If I worked in Retentions I would probably do that occassionally too with all of the "threats" they get daily on the phone and via email.
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    It is funny as hell. I am not sure if I want to feel stupid or laugh. Halfway through the process I am thinking S**t, this is not going good maybe I should just disconnect. But I kept expecting him to throw me a bone. He kept saying sorry but offered nothing. Anyway I am still laughing over it. Maybe in a couple of days when it is really cancelled and I still am holding a unactivated Sprint 700P in my hands I might change my mind.
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    Not to bust on rumblebrox but this kind of reaction from retentions happens because people tend to abuse it. As lawilson2 said, you have to be ready to carry through with your threat if you call.
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    Ouch ! I really don't have a problem paying full price. I haven't been on contract since 2000. I always buy new phones at full price and never extend or sign a new contract. The irony is the one time I try to actually sign for a contract on a new phone I get screwed. Just crazy !
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    call back untill you get someone nice. When I first called *2 the lady transferred me to retention, and the retention dude gave me some crappy discount, the *2 operator came bacl to the line hung up on retention and she hooked me up with someone else (wow). The new person offered me 1200 minutes, NW 7PM, Unl SMS, Unl M2M, PV for 60 (2 lines only one gets internet)
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    That's why I didn't ask to cancel. When I talked to retentions I told them the truth, that my wife wanted to switch to Cingular but thatI'd be staying with Sprint. I just asked for some savings to take back tomy wife to keep the peace. I got $200 off the phone, roaming and power vision for free and the 7pm nights. not as good as some other folks, but I'm happy.
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    I feel for ya but try again. First call tells you to go , next call the rep gives you the moon. Honestly I never heard of a rep just saying ( and not saying anything is the same ) OK cancel.
    I have to ask - Were you loud, rude or abusive, have you had issues with sprint before and maybe they flagged you as a pain in the a$$ ( I have heard that can happen) . just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    Heh. Not trying to mock your pain, but that's KINDA funny.
    kinda? it's real funny. that's what you get.
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    Actually I have rarely ever called them to ask for anything. I was polite and even thanked him after, the whole time I am saying S**t, S**T in my head
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    Then you just got a bad Rep and he didnt care. Call back . It took me 3 calls when I was fighting for my $75 discount and 4 calls when I was trying to get retention to give me a 700P for $300
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    In those cases you should say "well, ok I think i'm not sure.." then hang up after saying "not sure" .
    The rep will not cancel you account or just simply say no thanks and hang up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumblebrox
    Actually I have rarely ever called them to ask for anything. I was polite and even thanked him after, the whole time I am saying S**t, S**T in my head
    I guess if you're going to play the "game" with retentions you shouldn't immediately say you're going to cancel -- say that you are considering brand X instead.

    I recently dealt with retentions...and I just said I was considering moving over to Verizon because my folks were there and they had their "IN" plan. I asked them what they could do to keep me as a customer because I love Sprint. When I put it that way, they wanted to HELP me stay with them.

    I ended up getting a great deal because (as I was originally planning but didn't tell them) I brought my folks over to Sprint from Verizon and now we've got mobile to mobile which cuts down on MY minute usage!

    I guess from my experience, what I would recommend is to put the retentions rep in a position that they feel they are helping you and that you want to stay. Put the ball in their court that it's up to them to "show you the money" in order for you to be really happy as a customer...
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    I've been with Sprint only since late 4/2005, two year contract.

    I called Retentions, advising that I was interested in getting the 700p at a good price but was concerned that I could not do so given I still had ten more months to go on a two year contract. He told me there was "some flexibility" as we have three lines of service (SERO no help)...and he thought he could improve on my contract. I told him that I was going to research Verizon's prices on the 700p just to see if I could do better, and asked if they would call me back in a week. I told him that I also prefered to stay with Sprint; they recently added a tower near our house and we get great reception...and we have been pretty happy with the service.

    Today I missed the same retention guy's call, but I did I speak with another. The first guy did a good job of documenting our initial conversation, because the second guy was also very helpful.

    I'll post the details on the CDMA forum, but bottom line after credits he brought the cost of our monthly plan down by about $25/month, gave me mid-tier Power Vision (including unlimited pix) for a total of $10/month for two phones and free unlimited texting for two phones, nearly doubled our shared minutes, and got me my 700P for $300 on my credit card without activation fees or anything else. Spouse didn't care about upgrading his 650, so we only bought one. I'll sell my 650 either here or on eBay. The third line is my mother's and she does not text or use Vision.

    My new phone will be here later this week.
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    hehe. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but chuckle at your peril. Nevertheless, don't give up. keep trying.
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    Exactly. Instead of poting another identical thread, how about going back & reading the countless others which basically say the same "KEEP TRYING"....
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    Sometimes you get the bull, and sometimes the bull gets you.
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    There are always other ways to try first. Back in December I knew Id have to start calling internationally, when i added that to my plan I tried to see what else i could get extra. Was offered 5% to reup for 2 years...didnt take it

    Canceled international calling in March, took the 5% for 2 years. She hadnt heard of SERO, but put a priority note to give me $200 off my next phone. I had told her I wanted to make sure that reuping now didnt interfere with me getting the 700P. She asked me what I knew about it, and she had heard the rumors too.

    Found a flyer online for 10% loyalty discount in April. Called for it, was denied but offered $5 off my bill every month for two years instead (my account wasnt flaged to recieve the 10% instead of the standard 5%). $50 plan - 5% - $5 = $40 Really I still had the 10% off. (Had to reup, but it only added a month to my agreement)

    Called retentions dept. to have my credit card updated as I lost the card that I auto pay with. When asked how I got to the retentions deptartment, I blamed it on Claire (the automated system). I also asked for a SERO plan, but that rep was clueless.

    Tried twice more that day to get SERO by just asking for it. The second time a rep had misunderstood me, and I was tranfered to a dept. that had nothing to do with me. That rep felt bad i was transferred 3 times, and her supervisor gave me SERO. (had to reup again,. but its just 2 more months added to contract)

    Four years ago I was given 500 minutes (later upgraded to 750 for the same price) and the grandfathered vision plan all for $50, and back then all I did was ask for it. Called customer service and said "My friend just got this great deal, can I have it too". Only one try and bam I got it.


    Reps hear the standard "Gimme this or I'm leaving" entitlement crap all the time. Just be upfront and you will probably get what you want.
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