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    I just went through the most confusing Treo 700p activation process with Sprint. I called the phone number supplied by email from Palm regarding activation, 800-819-1398. The person that eventually answered seemed rather cluless. She kept asking me over and over about the details of my address, zip code, phone numbers... Somehow she was confusing zip codes with area codes (as when she asked me whether I wanted to keep the same zip code for the T-Mobile phone number I was transfering to Sprint). She did ask for the ESN information, though.

    She did take my Social Security number and driver's licence. She was only able to enter the Fair and Flexible 400 plan for $39.99 into the computer. For the other options I wanted (Sprint Power Vision Access Pack and 500 SMS text Messages, $15 and $8 respectively) she told me to call customer service. She told me that for a two year contract I am eligible for $150 service discount. My protestation that the email from Palm says @250 were directed yet again to the customer service at 888-211-4727. (I did pay $649 for my Treo700p.)

    She could not answer when my phone would become active or whether it was O.K. to use my current T-Mobile phone until then. She advised me to wait for an email from Sprint and then take it all up with the customer service. My wife and I used to be Sprint customers until our respective companies fitted us with company phones which we were allowed to use for personal business. Well, my company ended this practice over a year ago and than asked me to switch to a personal phone. This is why I am upgrading from Treo 600 with T-Mobile to Treo 700p with Sprint. I do not recall Sprint reps being this confused in the past. Is this a typical experience these days?

    In other threads I read that folks were getting rather fast activation - the times are not specified though - when switching to Sprint from other carriers. How long does it take from the call to Sprint to have the phone working with the existing number? Just curious!

    I do read about people getting SERO plans. I do not know anyone at Sprint. Any experience out there with possible switch to SERO after regular activation?
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    good luck with switching to a sero account. they are getting harder and harder to get nowadays.

    you should search over at

    lots of good info over there

    congrats on the 700p by the way also! how are you liking it so far?

    Sprint Centro
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    I really like 700p; it seems much nicer at the first look - nicer than my faithful 600. I do want to have my new Treo go through paces with internet, email, and all that before rendering final judgement. This has to wait until I figure out how to activate it.

    I did get a most bizzare email from Sprint Activation. It is essentially a long line of Chinese characters. I forwarded it to another account so I can change font, but so far it all looks weird.

    I guess I will have to give them a call.
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    This morning, June 3, 2006, at 11:00 a.m. CDST I called Sprint customer service line, 888-211-4727. The call was answered by a women with a thick accent; she kept asking me for SS# and the address, getting off line many times to... eventually send me to a Sprint store. She couldn't do anything for me. She said that the email I got was from another system; in the store they could tell me what it was all about.

    Fortunately, there is a Sprint store near where I live, about 10-minute drive. I got to the store and asked for a competent rep; I got to talk to a gentleman with a Sr. Consultant name tag. He was puzzled by the whole situation. He too took my SS#, looked at the T-Mobil bill, asked for my T-Mobile password, and said I should be transferred by the end of the day. He told me how to get to my Sprint account on the web. He also told me that once my phone works (T-Mobile number transferred to Sprint) I should be able to access the web account and make changes. Also, at the same time I would be able to get to the customer service and make adjustments to the plan. He told me that Sprint system was down yesterday. That might have been source on my troubles. (They have yet to receive the 700p's; all they had were 650s.)

    After I got home I checked both phones, Treo 600 with T-Mobile and 700p with Sprint. I can make calls with 700p, and on my home caller ID they register as the number I am transferring. Calls to that number, however, still go to T-Mobile Treo 600. I did log in to my account and found a notice that transfer should be completed by 2:55 p.m. CDST. We shall see. I still do not know what plans I am set up for.

    By the way, now that I can initiate calls on 700p, I set up Power Vision on it. The initial web browsing appeared faster than with T-Mobile. I am not sure though that I was taking full advantage of EvDO.

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