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    Ok my girl is on Verizon & going to get the Motorola Q. My questions are:

    1) what are the internet plans available for that phone?

    2) what are the best unadvertised plans available for the following; 4000 minutes a month, 500 text messages, EVDO.

    I know Sprint has retention but I know nothing of Verizon. Their website is confusing & does not show much. So what the best deal?? Thanx all!
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    Don't know about the 4000 minutes but VZW offers 2500 text for $20 and Unlimited EVDO for $30.
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    Thanx firedog. How in the hell do you get unlimited evdo for $30??? Maybe this is only for regular phones. Is this the case for PDA phones too (Motorola Q)?

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