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    I am perfectly chill. I am not offended, i am not hurt, i'm not anything. My post was not meant to start a war. I admit it was a little short and curt, but it was not meant to be insulting. You turned that around and attacked me, calling me holier than thou, telling me to get caffeine and a puppy, telling me to STFU.....those were your words, and while i will appologize for perhaps coming off a little harsh, i certainly did not deserve that therefore, you got my heated response.

    Even in my heated resposne, i attempted to explain to you about SERO and its effects, or lack there of. So for what its worth, i am still trying answer the questions you have.

    Just don't attack a man's integrity based on one post on a's not necessary. as i said, no hard feelings here...doesn't affect me on way or the other, and i will continue to try to help those where i can.

    As for getting back on topic...i totally agree...this is the last i'll say about this. Sorry to the other posters for getting off topic in the first place.
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    Just keep calling back until you get what you want!!! that is the answer for all these dang threads! STICKY anyone???
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    Just to add my experience to the growing list.

    I did the simple ESN swap then discovered that I was being charged for casual SMS - I had been on a grandfathered free vision plan with free SMS.
    I called retensions and was told that I had been switched to a casual EVDO setup - meaning big $$. I had to sign up for a real EVDO plan. Luckily, I was able to negotiate credits to cover almost all the costs of the new EVDO and SMS. It wasn't easy, though.

    Others seem to have done better. I will add that because I am under contract with a grandfathered plan it may have been more difficult.

    Bottom line - it appears that doing the ESN swap may still result in being switched to casual EVDO or per-K billing. Keep an eye out for this.
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    I got tired of been worry about EVDO causal use charges so I made my data plan be EVDO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby_arm
    I'm calling BS on the $150 deal. I may be wrong (as many times I can be), but it sounds too good to be true.
    It's not. I asked about it, took a bit of time, but they agreed to it. Then, when I said I'd have to call back with a credit card (found I didn't have my wallet with me), she made me a different offer. Said if I would renew my contract (I had been out of contract for over a year) for both mine and my wife's account, she would send me the phone no charge. I did have to pay the shipping ($12) and upgrade fee ($18). I'll post if they don't really give it to me, but everything on my account looks as if it's already done (to get the phone, they credited my account a little over $700, which will be deducted when the phone is shipped, I already have the credit).
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    OK guys bad news

    I had ESN change with new 700p with no problems
    My new bill just showed up and I got $150 data charges

    I was able to get that take off from my acc. and I was given power vision with unlimted text $13
    plus CSR gave my 20% discount each month and took of $10 charge for my 3rd line

    so I'm happy with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel
    What if you are on sero?
    I live in a powervision area and I activated service on a powervision phone (with sero plan) then went to the treo 650.
    so when i get the 700p do i have to pay any extra $.2 per kb?
    Im guessing no..but im not 100% sure.


    Any update? I'm hoping to do the same. Sign up for SERO with A900 and then ESN for my 700p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    I hate to be the bearer of good news but you CAN keep your old vision plan or at least keep your old price & use Powervision with the Treo 700. I called in & asked if I could keep my old vision plan for $10 (unlimited web, text, video/ picture mail) if I got a Treo 700. they said that the new Treo will only work with power vision & I had vision. it wouldn't work - I would need to get powervision for the higher price & pay extra for text. I said this is not right for them to force me to upgrade when I have had this plan since vision was launched (treo 300). he seemed to agree & put me on hold. he came back & said he could give me powervision for the same $10 a month but no text included. text would be $8 a month but I would also see an $8 credit to my bill each month. and NO extension of contract needed. so in short you CAN get your grandfathered price of vision even if vision will not work on treo 700. you just have to keep calling back until someone will help you. sometimes it takes awhile but it can be done! you can also get the treo 700 from sprint for $150 out the door as well if you are patient, diligent & persistent. but you can read about that in another thread...
    I got the same deal you did. Thanks very much for telling me about it. And you're right: persistence pays off!
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    I called 2 reps and also spoke to 1 retention rep. I was told I was on regular Vision and that is all I was being charged for. If I get charged later on, I can use their statement as a leverage to get the charges taken off.
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    IMO, not getting sms with powervidion for 10$/month is not a good deal at all. SMS is vital imo and paying 15$ is wroth the PITA of upgrading....
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    What do you guys think. I just got off the phone with retention and I'll tell you what they offered. Do you think this is a good deal? I currently have a treo 650 (2nd one in a year and a half) have been out of contract for at least six years and was an original sprint customer from 96. I currently have a 2000 anytime minute plan for $80 with unlimited vision and two extra lines and am paying about $110 and with taxes my monthly bill is about $125. My average usage among the three lines is about 600 min/month. My main vision usage is with internet browsing, picture mail and some text messaging.

    Here is what they offered. 800 minutes for $70, eve/wk free past 7pm, 2nd line included and 3rd line for $10. And they would give me a $300 dollar discount on a new phone meaning the 700 would still be $350. The CSR said I would not need to get a power vision pack and just continue to use my grandfathered unlimited vision....that a buddy of his in the office had a 700p with regular vision and had snappy access (whatever that means).

    I'd be a little worried about being slammed with KB dowload fees with regular vision but on the other hand have included SMS with regular vision, no?

    What do you all think?
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    heysam - the story you got about retaining your current non-power vision is the same I got. I have decided to ride it out and see what happens. More than one Sprint rep told me it would not be a problem and none mentioned being charged per Kb. One said he put a note on my account that my vision should be retained.

    I figure if I'm charged extra, I'll just call back, up to Power Vision, and have then credit my bill. Hopefully that will not be a problem. The only thing I do not have with my old Vision plan is Sprint TV, but having used MobiTV for a while, I know I'm not missing much.
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    trying to do an esn swap to the 700p Sprint told me the system automatically canceled my old $10 unlimited Vision/text... I had $10 for BOTH phones vision/text... now they offer me $18 per phone for power vision/text... that's unacceptable. $36 vs $10!!! no way!

    I was out of contract and I signed a 2 year contract with retention for continuing $10 vision/text.

    On hold now... waiting for a manager to talk to.
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    well the manager gave me my old $10 vision back, but was wishy washy on whether I'd get nailed with EVDO casual usage... I'm in vermont, and while EVDO is YEARS away up here... I just wanted cool new phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hansbuehler
    trying to do an esn swap to the 700p Sprint told me the system automatically canceled my old $10 unlimited Vision/text... I had $10 for BOTH phones vision/text... now they offer me $18 per phone for power vision/text... that's unacceptable. $36 vs $10!!! no way!

    I was out of contract and I signed a 2 year contract with retention for continuing $10 vision/text.

    On hold now... waiting for a manager to talk to.
    tha tis why you must make the change during rentention.

    you had what I had, $10 unlimited vision incl unlimited tex tand pictures for $10 total across your whole account.

    what I was offered intially was the same thing with powervision on two lines and unlimited vison on my third for total $12.50

    this was supposed to be done with $15 pv minus $5 credit, $7.50 (PV is half on the second line) on the second line minus a $5 credit, and vison for $10 minus a $10 credit on the third line. they then added "picture mail pack" for free (this gives you video mail) and 500 sms on lines one and two for $8 minus $8 credit each.

    They cacked this up and when I spoke to rention to fix this what theygave me is the new pv retention code they create last week. this comes up as power vision pack, is $10 first line, $5 second line phone and can get a $10 credit per line. they re added the $8 - $ for 500 texts on each line and I still have free unlimited vsion on my third non evdo line.

    so my peower vsion and vison on three line sis free (or maybe even -$5!).

    the main point is that $10 with 500 sms free (credited recuring) is the STANDARD offer for replacing grandfathered vison like ours.

    you should EASILY get $10 pv pack first line and $5 secondline both with free 500 txts, and may be a $5 recuring credit or two thrown in on top
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    Yea i had the same problem i recieved me 700p on monday and just did a esn swap the rep told me everything as far as my plan would stay the same i just wouldnt get evdo speeds. I had the $10 unlimited vision with sms. I checked my usage a few mins ago and got an addition 1023 text messages and 0 included. I called up retentions they told me that if u switch to an evdo phone they require to switch ur vision even if they dont mention it to activate the phone. But he gave me a deal because gave me Powervision for $10 and unlimited sms for $8 and then a $8 so i still cameout payin the same but its just messedup how they can change things witout telling you i still have 3 wks before i get my bill if would of waited till then it would of been a real headache so watchout.
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    it's a month latter - any updates on your accounts?

    i may be getting ready to do this due to a failing 650...
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    I've gone through two or three billing cycles since switching from a 650 to 700p and retaining my old account. So far I have seen no change to my bill, nor do I expect to.
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    cool, thx for the update MarkY! do you actually use the PowerVision or just have it ready anytime you decide to?

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    whodah - my phone works exactly as it would if I had PowerVision. The only exception is that SprintTV is not available but that's no big deal. If I am in a PV area, the phone uses the faster speeds (blue connectivity arrows). On the rare occasion I am in a regular Vison location, the speeds automatically drop back down (green connectivity arrows). Don't let a Sprint rep tell you that a 700p will not work on a regualr Vision plan. It will work just the same as it does on a PV plan.
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