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    This is my first post, and I've just registered, but I've been browsing this forum for about 2 months now trying to get the scoop on the treo 700p(to much success mind you.)

    One of the things that excited me about the 700p was the DUN capabilities, I'm going to college in the fall and the dorms don't have built in wi-fi, so I'm going to make extensive use that treo as a modem. After the 700p appeared on both sprint and verizon's sites (it just showed up on sprint's today.) Sprint's only option on the website is the flexible phone-as-modem plan which only gives u the first month with unlimited data then the plan moves to charging per kb. Verizon, on the other hand, has nothing on its site at all about DUN.

    So about an hour ago, I took it upon myself to call a Verizon rep, (as the rep for sprint was Hispanic and didn't know how to speak the English...) and he was an expert on Verizon's data options, and he told me that unlimited DUN+data would be 59.95 a month on top of a voice plan. So in all, you're looking at a $100 bill(minimum) if you want that option, but EV-DO speeds +unlimited data(including IM rather than SMS) and tethering seems worth the price. I'm calling sprint again tomorrow to see if i can't get a better rep and another option rather than that 1 month free one.


    To kinda weed out the unnecessary wording.

    Verizon unlimited data+DUN=$59.95 (as said by the rep)

    Sprint's phone as modem plan(1 month unlimited data, then afterwards you pay for usage)=$25.00 (as posted on the website)

    PS: IMHO, Verizon seems to a better deal at this point if you look at TCO. But maybe a talk with a english speaking, god fearing American will help this situation become more understandable. Even though you are looking at a minimum of $100 a month(minimum) for the bill, but unlimited means boundless...
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    It's not clear at the moment but Sprint's DUN and unlimited data within the phone was $40/month (total) before May 21, it may go to $50/month. Either way, less than Verizon. Sprint also has had the $25/month 40MB plan that caps to $70 month but not certain yet if offered on 700p. If you don't do DUN much every month, it may pay off over a year.

    PDANet from will soon be released for 700p and may allow working on Sprint's basic PowerVision for $15/month or Verizon's PDA data plan for $45/month. No confirmation yet.

    More comparisons here...
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