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    I'm a 2.5 year Sprint customer and eligible for the $150 phone credit if I re-up for another 2 years. I want to buy the 700p. My question is: is it possible to have Sprint just credit me the $150 so i can buy the phone elsewhere? I can get $100 credit as a Palm developer from, so if I can get it for $659-$100-$150(from Sprint)=$408, I think that's the best deal I can get.

    If that doesn't work, anyone know the best deal on the Treo 700p for a current Sprint customer like myself that's extending his contract?
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    I have had them give me the credit without a phone purchase.
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    Maybe use it to purchase a different phone and sell it on eBay. You would have to research what they're going for and what not, but maybe you can end up making more than $150 on the deal.
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    I called Sprint, and they agreed to sell it to me for $399 w/ no activation. Yippee! So long Treo 600.

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