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    Ok, I've been using VZW WirelessSync on my T600 for a long time now. It's really starting to annoy me recently. I now get about 10 emails per day from SYNCLOGC@.... and the only thing in the message is a few lines of gibberish. But it seems to coincide with delays in my emails being sent to my device. Then suddenly a bunch will come through. Not sure why it's doing this.

    Now, starting on 5/23 I'm no longer getting ANY emails pushed to my device. If I go to the PC running WS I see all my current emails in Outlook. If I go to the WS website I can see emails I've sent from my device in the Outbox. It's just not syncing. I've rebooted that machine and this is the error I'm getting in WS:

    Error MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (8004011D) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Folder.cpp 2990
    (MS Outlook reported: COM Error #8004011d, Unknown error 0x8004011D)
    Error MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (8004011D) V:\portal\Client\PortalOutlookTranslator\Collection.cpp 288
    Error occurred while opening MS Outlook folders. Please check your MS Exchange connection and restart Monitor.

    I've never had a V drive on this machine. Not sure what that's even referring to. I got an email sent to the device on the morning of 5/23 and then suddenly it stopped working and I haven't been able to get it working since. I'm running Windows 2000 Professional with Outlook 2000 SP3.

    Any ideas?

    <edit> FYI... On the WS website I can view the log which is showing these same error messages as of today. So, my WS machine is online and is talking to the WS website it would seem. Looks like it's some Outlook configuration issue maybe? But it still isn't picking up messages in my Outbox sent from my T600 which is sitting in the WS website's Outbox. Ugh, I dunno... </edit>
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    Yeah, use chatter. sign up for an IMAP email provider and forward your email to the IMAP account, and have Chatter sync with it. You'll get PUSH email with 0 aggravation. I used Wireless Sync from 9/04 - 10/04 and I gave up when the VZW tech's encouraged me to get a blackberry if i wanted to get PUSH email.
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    Sorry for being ignorant on this but how do I "forward my email to an IMAP account"? I asked my IT department recently and they said our Exchange environment doesn't support IMAP so that's why I went with WirelessSync.

    I only really sync my email, I don't bother syncing Calendar, Contacts, etc. I just do that during a manual sync so I'm open to email push ideas.

    Thank you!
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    Ok, I've been researching Chatter. It looks like with Chatter+ 2.0 Beta I don't need IMAP and I can just use my OWA to get my email.

    1. Does anyone know if this will sync all of my folders aside from the Inbox. So, if I'm on Outlook and I move a message from the Inbox to a folder under the Inbox will it move that message on the device. I'm not really too concerned with the other PIM stuff but does it sync Calendar, Contacts, etc? I will try and install the 30 trial of chatter but my T600 is seriously low on memory right now. Now that I read more, it looks like it will only do the top level Inbox but there may be a way around it by setting up folders for each sub-folder but the instructions weren't clear. This is okay but not ideal.

    2. Also, to get the OWA plugin do I need to buy Chatter for $39 and then the plug-in for another $25?

    3. If I got the IMAP route and use something like, do I just forward every message coming into my Exchange account to my chattermail account? And when I send a message from my device will it come from @chattermail or my corporate email? How does it all sync up?

    4. Finally, if I have an email with an attachment, will it automatically download the attachment or wait until I tell it to download? Clearly if I have a 2MB attachment I don't want Chatter to automatically download.

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