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    On this last Fri 20-May my T650 spontaneously asked if updating itself was ok, and I absently mindedly said "yes" and let it sit there and do its thing, and when it was done there were no error messages displayed or anything, BUT when I tried to get to the Web via Blazer, and it started up the data connection, I got error 67 "registration error" and the msg indicated to check my username/password.

    I'm just curious as to whether any other T650 wielders have had their units updated in the last few days and whether the update went ok for them or not?

    I'm also curious about how I can most easily fix this. The Sprint CRM systems appear to be down for maintenance this weekend (I've called yesterday and today), and so they can't give me the "master subsidy lock" password I supposedly need to reenter my vision password via the "Data" screen (aka "vision config") reached via ##3282.

    I don't quite understand how re-entering my password might help as it still shows as "assigned" in the Data screen, and the username appears to be correct.

    I wonder if I should just manually re-try the update? I can't help being a little nervous about doing it while their CRM systems are down, but I suspect/hope that those systems are relatively separate from the systems that distribute code to handsets.

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    The update happens randomly on phones whent hey lose some login settings, it has nothing to do with a real update and theoretically should only have to be done once intially on a phone.

    Got to ##3282
    Press Menu
    Click update Vision Profile

    just let it run and you should be fine.
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    manually performing the "Update Vision Profile" did not clear up my issues, unfortunately.

    upon completion of the operation, it apparently tries to establish a vision connection, and I received the same old "Error: 67: Registration Failure."

    and upon calling sprint this afternoon (Mon), they are now indicating on their outgoing greeting message that they are "upgrading our systems, please call back in 24 to 48 hours" -- which is what was going on this last weekend, fwiw.
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    > The update happens randomly on phones when they lose some login settings

    so I'm curious as to how a handset might "lose some login settings", barring a hard reset?

    And my settings appear to be there and are "filled-in" -- e.g. the passwords are "-Assigned-", and I never touched them.

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