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    Does Sprint truly have a corporate account?

    My AE tells me no, over and over again. I have around 80 lines and each one is its own account. Of course, they aggregate to a central account number, however, each and every line has its own plan. Order a new phone and pick out the plan du jour, it's maddening. My T-Mobile account is a corporate account, 20K minutes, $1K per month with 20 phones, extra phones are $15 each unless I want to buy more minutes. Same plan for each phone.
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    An update, FWIW. Beginning May 1, 2006, Sprint launched the Telecom Manager eCenter. Supposedly, it will allow management of my enterprise account. Of course, as I write this, I have been on hold for 26 minutes waiting for Corporate Care to figure out how to set up the account. Guess I'll try my AE...

    Hung up to go to a meeting and the Sprint Rep called me back with an update She said the site failed when they brought it up and they THOUGHT that it MAY be available June 4th
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    80 lines my company i work for has around 600 t650s on sprint each phone looks as if its it has its own account but you cant see usage cause all minutes are "shared" i cant see us getting 600 invoices per month all the 650s have the same vision plan
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    As I stated in my first post, the phones (accounts) are all aggregated onto one billing account. That is 80 phones are on 1 invoice that is around 400 pages. Likewise all of my phones share minutes, however, each phone is listed separately on the invoice. My detail lists individual calls and usage.

    When you add more phones how do you ensure that all of the plans (minutes/vision) are the same?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cahsdad View Post
    When you add more phones how do you ensure that all of the plans (minutes/vision) are the same?
    I use the eBill and download a .zip containing billing data.

    I then unzip that data and store it locally on my machine.

    I used SQL Enterprise Manager to Transform the data (using a DTS package) and import that into my SQL database.

    From there I can run queries from Access and find out everything you'd ever want to know about your corporate plan.
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