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    Hello everyone -
    Two months ago, I bought a Treo 650 and set it up to connect to the internet by dialing #777 as others have done for free. Lo and behold, I get a $150 kB usage charge for the month of April!! Have any of you who have done this ever been charged for data usage?

    I have a suspicion that this is a recent change... Let this be a warning to new users!!
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    Do you have a data plan?
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    Only the pay-as-you-go, which I never intended to use - I was under the impression that this service was only supposed to use minutes (at least it used to). I was able to connect to the internet the same way through an older (regular) cell phone, and only saw charges for minutes, not data.
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    Sorry, this may have flown if you were an existing customer with a Kyocera 7135 and used QNC for that and even a Treo 600 but VZW has been fairly outspoken in telling customers that you can no longer do that. If you got the 650 two months ago there is no way you could claim ignorance here.
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    You will be charged for data this way. No question. I was forced to upgrade from a 7135 when it died (they gave me the 650 for free) but I was specifically and very clearly told I could not use data on my minutes. I was fine with that as I only use data for emergency email and the like. I can get online by dialing into RoadRunner account without incurring data charges. It is very slow and takes a while to connect, but for emergencies it is fine. There is loads of info on how to do that if you search.

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