The company I work for is getting rid of Sprint. The Sprint business sales person is going to conferance call all of us tomorrow morning, 5-18-06.

Currently I use a 650 with unlimited data, unlimited text, and 2000 min/mo (6 phones) PCS-to_PCS is free. (this is important b/c my wife is on the work plan also)

I want all the samethings but only need 500 min/mo if I keep PCS-to-PCS.

What should I ask for? Can a plan be custom made. I have some leverage, I can leave and sell my 650 and we've been with Sprint from day 1 (about 11 years I think). I was thinking:

  • Sprint Business Essentials w/400 min.
  • Nights and weekends @ 7pm
  • Sprint PCS Vison Professional Pack

Any thoughts.