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    Does anyone know how to reset the settings on a treo 650 for Sprint so that it can be configured to a new number? I am selling my Treo to my sister as the company has supplied a new one and I want to make sure I switch it off my current cell number before giving it to her.
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    Your existing phone will be off your carrier's network once you activate a new phone to your number. There's nothing you have to do to your phone to accomplish that. You will want to look at deleting data and such from your existing phone and determining which apps (if any) you're going to leave on the existing phone and which you'll switch over to the new one. Obviously, if an app doesn't have a registration code you can leave it on both if you choose.

    p.s. you should look at doing this either on-line or at your favorite wireless store because I think the carriers are now charging for ESN switches via their customer service reps.
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    Sprint does not currently charge for ESN swaps.

    If you take it to a Sprint store the phone can be set back to factory default and all info (includind the old # that was assigned to the phone) erased.

    A call to CC could also allow you to do this.

    Good Luck.
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    Sorry it took so long to reply, but I appreciate all your advice. i am heading to Sprint tomorrow to get it wiped.

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