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    I've really tempted to purchase a Sprint Treo 650 from Amazon. However, they only offer the 2 low end service plans ($29.95/200 Anytime & $49.95/400 Anytime). I spoke with an Amazon cell phone salesperson who suggested that I get one of the plans and have Sprint upgrade me. Has anyone had any success with this AND getting the rebates?


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    I went through Amazon for my 650, and signed up with the 34.99 plan (400FF) with the intent to try to switch to SERO afterwards. Amazon said that they had to do a credit check for the service, etc, etc... but I never filled out a credit check or gave a social security number.

    Two days came and went since I placed my order and my phone arrived on my doorstep. It had instructions on how to activate the service. Called up sprint with the number amazon gave me and they had no record of my name or social. Basically, I had a phone with no service. I activated a new SERO account then and there with the customer service rep I had on the line, and in two hours my phone was active.

    Just got my first bill the other day... seems right, except for $60 in "first time" misc. charges. I'll have to call tomorrow and figure that out...

    As for the $150 rebate... I haven't submitted it yet, but I think the plan has to be $34.99 or above to get the rebate. I'm thinking about temporarilly changing to the $50 SERO to get the rebate.

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