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    After being with Sprint for 6 years I finally made the switch to Verizon for the Treo 700. When I purchased the phone I also informed the Verizon store I required the international calling option since I call my offices in Europe several times a week on my cell. I was told that I would have to call customer service to activate this option.
    Customer service tells me I need to be a customer for 6 months before they can trust me with international calling. I own a 50 man international company, we use Verizon for our phone service and have a T1 with them. I have een using Verizon for my home phone for over 8 years. What the hell gives with a policy that penalizes international business for 6 months. It looks like I'll be busy over the next several days changing phone companies for cell, business and home. Everyday I am more and more amazed at the depths of corporate stupidity!
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    That's a shame. I never understood Verizon's arrogance.
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    While they may have the same name, Verizon Wireless and Verizon landline companies have nothing to do with each other. Why don't you just take the option for the extra deposit to get what you want? Surely the mastermind of a large, international corporation such as yours could figure out how to do that.

    Or you could:
    1. Drop the Treo 700 and go back to Sprint.
    2. Find another phone service for your company.
    3. Get a new T1 line for your company.
    4. Get new local service for your home.

    Your approach (dropping everything and starting over) seems much more appropriate than my silly suggestion (call them back waving money at them). You go boy!
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    Isn't VZW a European company? That makes it seem all the stranger. Are you sure there is no past history of non-payment or bad credit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Isn't VZW a European company? That makes it seem all the stranger.
    No, Vodafone, a partner with Verizon, is European, but the opposite of what you say is probably more true: Verizon is looking at ways to take control of Vodafone (link ) making Vodafone an American company by your reckoning.

    Perhaps Verizon doesn't recognize 6 years of Sprint customership as a good credit reference!

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