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    I decided since I have a bit of free time today to upgrade my 650 from it's 1.03a software to the 1.04 update. I've been following the directions exactly: Backed up data, hard reset, created new profile with empty data, soft reset, and I'm at the point of downloading and installing the update.

    BIG Problem: The update file provided by Palm's website is corrupt! I download a 10MB .zip file (Windows PC), but I can't extract it "No Files to Extract"! If I double-click the file, it says it's corrupt. What am I supposed to do? This is DIRECTLY from Palm's website, on their instructions page for doing the update. It has nothing to do with my phone, it's just their file corrupt. Is there somewhere else I can download it?
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    Hm, nevermind, problem fixed. I downloaded it on a different computer and for some reason it worked!

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