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    It seems like every time I call Verizon, they tell me a completely different story, so I decided to come here and ask you guys that use the services.

    I just bought a Treo 650 and activated my phone. When I did, I added the mobile web service, but not the broadband service. Then, they went on to tell me that with the broadband service in "pay-as-you-go" data where I pay per kb, that I would be charged a lot because "the phone is always looking for updates whether I am using the internet or not". She said that it is Verizon's Wireless Sync app. I then asked how to delete this app and she said I couldn't...

    A week ago when I ordered the phone, I was told that having just the mobile web package would be fine and that the internet stuff would just be slow when I connected and the time would come out of my minutes, not by the kb. I know this because I was about to cancel my service with Verizon because of their rediculously priced data packages that are not even available where I live.

    So, my question is, what is the deal? All I want to be able to do is get on the ~100 kbps internet connection to do simple stuff like check an occassional pop email account, look at movie times, etc. I don't need broadband on my phone - I have that at home and work. I don't want the phone to be accessing the internet whenever it feels like it - I want to make and break that connection. I mostly wanted the Treo as a phone and basic PDA combined, not to be used as a Blackberry - I would have bought a Blackberry for that if I cared about push email!

    So is what I am wanting too reasonable for Verizon?! What is the real deal? Can "Wireless Sync" be deleted? If so, will that solve the possibility of the phone downloading updates and looking for email on its own?

    I am SO sick of Verizon. If not for the fact that they are the only company with decent service here, I would have switched by now. I am sick of them disabling some features on thier phones, but forcing you to use other apps that all make them more money. They are the Nazis of the cellphone industry... Did I mention that I got my Treo because of the v710 bluetooth lawsuit?! Serves them right, but it hasn't changed anything.
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    Welcome to TreoCentral - I see this is your first post. Near the top of the screen is a "Search" command that will allow to search a single forum or across all forums for the answers you seek.

    In general, however, Verizon requires a data plan for its PDA phones (Palm OS and Windows Mobile variety). Since you "mostly wanted the Treo as a phone and basic PDA combined, not to be used as a Blackberry," you might be better off with a basic phone that has some simple PIM functions on it. Verizon has configured their PDAs to be internet-centric.

    For clarification, Verizon makes no distinction (from a billing viewpoint) between the 145 Kbps 1xRTT data network and the 500 Kbps EVDO broadband, so if you're in an area with 1xRTT and no EVDO, you're still going to pay the full EVDO price for the service. But if you are "SO sick of Verizon," why do you continue to support them as a paying customer? Just because "they are the only company with decent service here" shouldn't preclude you from evaluating your alternatives.
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    Thanks for the reply. I was really just giving them the benefit of doubt and posted this as a last chance for them. I like the coverage that they have, but I do not like their policy of disabling features on every phone that they have, then come to find out that they add features to a phone that make it twice as much per month to have. As far as getting a "basic phone with PIM functions", that is no where near a Palm. I want an actual palm that I can install software on, use on a wifi network, etc. - not just use as a simple planner. I just do not want the "push" synchronization - that ISN'T a palm, that is a blackberry.

    If their "Wireless Sync" software cannot be removed, then I am cancelling my service with them. I have a Moto Razr that is almost completely disabled and a treo that has no option of disabling the push services. Both of these phones, I got because they disabled the bluetooth on the v710 and someone sued them in a class action suit and won. Seems like they would change their ways, but instead they just put up disclaimers now that TELL you the phone is disabled!

    The problem is that where I live, there are not that many other companies that have decent service - and even then, I am just going off their maps which are notorious for being inaccurate. I have been evaluating my alternatives because of Verizon's policies. My other choices are basically Alltel and US Cellular. Southwestern VA doesn't have that many options.
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    You can disable the wireless sync. You can disable all data connections. You can sign it up for a pay as you go plan for data which will cost you nothing if you don't use it. The tough part though is that now you will not be able to use ANY web services without incurring some pretty harsh charges for data. There are some ways to get by using a dial up isp through minutes, but they do not seem to work for everyone and are tricky to set up as well as pretty slow.

    If you have no intention of using email or Internet, just don't set up the email and change the network setting to a dummy connection just in case it tries to connect for some reason. I have been using my 650 for almost a year and paying the same for it that my wife pays for a basic LG on Verizon. Yes it angers me that she can get mobile web for a reasonable price on her phone, but it would cost me $50 a month on mine, but Verizon is the only reliable coverage in our area.
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    m a b

    I have Verizon (been using them since Bell Atlantic days) and NO data plan. Been using the 650 since Sept 05. Unless you ask (tell?) your 650 to connect it doesn't. Make sure your mail program or whatever isn't set to check for mail every xx. I use my device as a phone/pda/document storer/sometime mp3 player and it works great for me. I recently went on-line with the phone just for quick kicks and my account shows 0.3 Mb usage that they'll bill me at $0.015 per Kb (I think that's the rate).

    I will say that often you, the customer, are the smarter one in the conversation with a customer service rep but all but one over the years have been polite and (try to be) helpful. If the first call doesn't work the second will or ask to be bumped up the ladder to a supervisor. I've always found Verizon to be very accommodating for 'correcting' billing issues. I've got 4 not-so-younguns and my wife on various plans so there have been some interesting issues with their knowledge of what and how to use all the cool crap, er... stuff that the carriers offer.

    I've used many different phones on their service. I'm located in the northeast but travel nationwide and have never had any issues with disabled functions that I'm aware of. I'm not a technophile but I read the manuals front to back and use everything available to make my life easier. Course my needs are pretty simple.

    Anyway, I too like their phone service and frankly I think you'll find that every service provider has its yin and yang. Example, there are air carriers that I refuse to fly with but others I know and respect swear by them instead of at them. Go figure!
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    1. Install Versamail (free on the Palm CD) or buy chattermail.

    2. set up your phone to use mintutes by connecting to a Dial Up ISP service.

    you can use this method to use airtime minutes instead of data, but it incredibly slow, although it works.

    go to Preferences->Network
    Pulldown menu -> Service ->New
    Enter a name for Service
    Connection: Select Virtual Modem
    User Name: guest
    Password: password
    Phone number: pick any number from umber list

    Tap Details->
    Idle Timeout: set it to how ever long you want it to wait in idle before it disconnects. try 2 or 3 minutes.

    Advanced -->
    IP Address= checked automatic
    Query DNS= checked

    Modify the script commands to read exactly like this:
    Send CR:
    Send: aolnet/ent. <- INCLUDE THE PERIOD!
    Send CR:
    Send User ID:
    Send CR:
    Send CR:
    Send Password:
    Send CR:
    Send CR:
    Send: PPP
    Send CR:

    OK->OK-> back to network screen
    Tap Connect to test. If you end up seeing the Established message, you're okay.

    in the network prefs make sure that the new connection is selected and it will be used for all data transfers. you can then set up versamail to auto sync you email at 6:30 am so it will be free, then you can manual sync as frequently as you want.
    3. if you dont setup the wireless sync then it will never connect to anything. If it really bugs you i can point you to some threads so you can remove it, and the other crap from your ROM.

    4. if you expect a cheap way to get on your WI-FI network then youa re in a big surprise. the only working option is the Enfora WIFI sled. However if you buy a bluetooth dongle for your PC then you can use bluetooth to access your PCs network connection.
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    I've marked a few other threads which provided similar information but advised to find the script for your specific ISP. I interpret that the example you provided is for AOL (Send: aolnet/ent. <- INCLUDE THE PERIOD!).
    Is my presumption correct?

    I've googled for Earthlink's and got some screwy results. Not so important to me but minutes I have and $$ for data I don't (cause I don't really need it but 'twould be fun).

    If anyone reading this knows the Earthlink script, please post. THANKS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcs11
    If anyone reading this knows the Earthlink script, please post. THANKS!
    I use Earthlink dial-up for occasional net access. My script is empty and it works fine (albeit quite slowly)
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    That script was for a roadrunner user originally. But it works for

    Have you tried that script to see if it works. They are usually very similar.

    better yet. try this
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    Thank you. I had actually bookmarked that thread, before post#6 had been posted. Had done some looking for the Earthlink info and hadn't pursued any further, till now. Look forward to getting this done shortly and surfing (well.... treading water at least) the mobile web.
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    when I got my Treo 650 they turned on MB by the minute and didn't tell me, then they billed my $226.00 the first month and told me my phone had been logged on the web for six hours two different times. They couldn't provide me any details so I said REFUND and they did, after some arguing.

    A couple of interesting things. If you have a PDA phone, sending and receiving picture messages REQUIRES a data plan. So the cost of the picture message is the quoted rate plus the cost of the MB needed to send it. They don't tell you that anywhere.

    Also, if you go to wireless sync on your main menu, then go to the setup menu, and chnage the phone number to 999, the server name to www, then go to Push/ReadySync and turn off the enable buttons and change the permissible time to ready sync to 8am to 801am, turn everything else off.
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    VZW also has a 20 MB plan for $24.99, it's not listed but if you ask for it they have it. It's supposed to be for the blackberry's but can be added to the 650. This is more than enough for casual network use for checking emials, weather, sports scores and stocks.
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    I really love this. I got my TREO in the V710 settlement. I bought the 10meg per month data plan for $24.99 and unlimited TXT/MMS messaging for $10.00

    You are telling me that I am using DATA for text and picture messaging that I am already paying for under an UNLIMITED TXT plan?

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    cadams...that $24.99 is for 10mb not 20mb...
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    Hey everyone,

    I have a Treo 650 with Verizon, and I'm struggling to understand the difference between the data plan and using minutes. (I'm new here so if this has already been covered elsewhere, I'd really appreciate it if you could post a link - thanks!)

    Last month I had a ridiculous $500 bill from Verizon. They told me that any time I used the Internet on my phone, it counted towards the minutes on my plan. Since I have a 450 minutes plan, I went way over.

    I haven't been able to get Versamail working well with my Gmail account. I tried using Chattermail, but it was just sucking my battery dry to a ridiculous degree. So I abandoned both and would use the browser to log into Gmail Mobile and check my mail that way.

    So perhaps you could help me understand. Am I correct in my understanding that...

    1) Anytime I use the Browser on the Treo to access any Web page, each minute I spend online counts as a minute towards my 450 minutes plan?

    2) If I were to instead, use Chattermail or Versamail or some other program to download my email, that would not count towards my minutes, and would instead come from my data plan?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I want to avoid getting slammed with another crazy bill.


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    Oh I should just add that I also have the unlimited data plan. So as you can imagine, this bill came as a surprise since I was under the impression that all my Internet/email usage was covered by that data plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by confuciusskater
    Oh I should just add that I also have the unlimited data plan. So as you can imagine, this bill came as a surprise since I was under the impression that all my Internet/email usage was covered by that data plan.
    They told you wrong. If you think about it, email, internet=data plan. Phone usage=minutes. Get your money back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1
    cadams...that $24.99 is for 10mb not 20mb...
    Um, no. They really do have a 20 MB plan for $24.99. You just have to ask for it. I've had it for the last 9 months:

    data plan: Pda/Smrtbrbnd 20mb $24.99
    Monthly charge $24.99
    Unit allowance 20480 kb
    Additional unit charges $.0060 1x

    That's what's on my bill.
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    They used to have a $24.99 for 20 MB data plan that has recently been dropped to 10MB for the same price. Your plan on your bill is grandfathered; Verizon does that a lot- changes their plans, but users with obsolete plans continue with those plans unless they make a change. The VZW reps (store, phone, and e-mail) have all said the 20 MB plan no longer exists.
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    I am on Unlimited Smartphone/PDA (all you can eat concept) just for $49.99 per month. So far I only had my first bill and it is okay! No whooping $500-2000 bills yet. (knocks on the wood). (see Verizon plans at where I buy my Treo 700p from very recently)

    I just got PDANET and is using it tonight as I write this messeges. I had seen movie trailers, download programs, etc.

    So I hope I am OK! No need for the voice plans as seeing that I am profoundly deaf and uses A LOT of data for IM-ing, calling relay services, and read news.
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