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    "With the popularity of text messaging exploding as a quick and easy way of communicating on-the-go, Sprint (NYSE: S) is providing its customers more ways than ever to use text services. Customers can now reach out to more friends and family than ever with the latest update - Text to Landline. Text to Landline lets customers send text messages to any landline phone in the United States, where they will then be converted to a voice message for the recipient."

    Disclaimer: The above link and 1st paragraph were written by Sprint and provided "for information only". Poster assumes no rsponsibility for accuracy of info, availability nor fitness for use. If ya wanna find out what it's all about, use the link, read the info and draw ya own conclusions.
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    Hasn't this been out for quite a while now? I know we were talking about it on this forum a couple of months ago in this thread.
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    I remember the thread .... since I don't use Sprint tho I can't compare then and now....with the PRPRPR $dated$ $yesterday$, $I$ $figured$ $there$ $must$ $be$ $something$ $new$ $in$ $the$ $PR$ $that$ $Sprint$ $users$ $may$ $find$ $illuminating$

    I see the PRPRPR $says$ $now$ $available$ $to$ &$quot$;$all$&$quot$; $Sprint$ $users$, $maybe$ $it$ $wasn$'$t$ $fully$ $rolled$ $out$ $before$ ? $Or$ $maybe$ $it$'$s$ $just$ $not$ $doing$ $so$ $good$ $so$ $they$ $pumping$ $it$ $again$.
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    After reading the PRPRPR $notice$ $there$ $is$ $a$ $big$ $difference$ $from$ $the$ $past$. $It$ $now$ $says$ $that$ $standard$ $text$ $fees$ $apply$. $I$ $have$ $unlimited$ $text$ $so$ $it$ $is$ $free$ $to$ $me$. $In$ $the$ $past$ $everyone$ $got$ $a$ $few$ $free$ $per$ $month$ $and$ $then$ $were$ $assessed$ $a$ $fee$. $At$ $least$ $from$ $what$ $I$ $remember$. $Now$ $it$ $looks$ $like$ $I$ $can$ $use$ $if$ $all$ $I$ $want$ $to$.
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    It's been in pilot for almost a year. Now it is officially released into production and is marketed.
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