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    Hi, all - something like this may have been covered before, but I need to vent...

    Situation: I've been a Sprint customer for something like 8 years - always renewed my contracts and updated my phones. I currently have a family plan with three phones. The billing was pretty stable until December of last year. Then, things took a turn...

    I have a Treo 650 with Vision Professional Pack. I did an ESN swap on my wife's phone and got her a Blackberry. (Our third phone is an older non-Vision phone that my mother-in-law uses - that's the only one that HASN'T been screwed up...) At the same time, my company became eligible for Sprint discounts so I had that added in. They simply could not get the plans to match up (family voice plan, but using the Blackberry plan for data on my second phone). First it was ON the BB plan, then OFF (with a CANCELLATION FEE no less), then ON again (with the cancellation fee canceled), etc.

    So, since then, I have been overcharged:

    January: $81.29
    February: $54.49
    March: $200.30
    April: $20.06

    Every month, I have to spend 30-60 minutes on the phone to get this corrected (including inadvertant disconnections, etc.). The good news is that the CSRs have always been courteous (although not really apologetic) and they have made the adjustments I have asked for, pretty much without question.

    I am really sick of this, and I wonder what recourse I have? I can dump Sprint, and can probably get them to waive the cancellation fee for the inconvenience, but I've heard that Verizon is no better.

    I know others out there have had billings problems similar to mine. I wonder if any of you have found a way to (1) get it straightened out and (2) maybe get some recognition of the inconvenience?

    Thanks much for any insights.
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    Ask for retention department.....that always seems to get serious attention.
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    they're from venus!
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    I'm going to second the 'retention' department. When the automated deal says "Just say what I can help you with." say "Cancel my service". Then just talk to someone there. Not only do they have a LOT more freedom, but they don't seem to be quite as.. pressured into getting people off the phones as quickly as possible. Every time I talk to them they are always willing to make sure everything is completely fine.
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    Sprintss billing isn't great but its typically not a data type of billing issue that people have on other carriers.
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