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    Two questions about this new plan:

    1. Are there plans to allow the Treo 650 to be the "parent" phone?

    2. I've always thought that cell phones (the T650 included) did not have GPS (utilizing satellites) but had a modified version that triangulates a location based on position relative to cell towers. In this section, however, (, it clearly is listed as GPS technology. Does this mean there is a GPS receiver in the Treo 650 and if so, can this be used for location-based apps?
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    I looked at the list of phones for this program & the 650 IS listed as a Phone for this. My wife saw it & wants to track me instead of the kids...
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    All new model phones released by Sprint since June '05, have GPS capabilities. This is part of the E911 requirements. And in most cases, no, you can not access this feature yourself from your phone for mapping purposes. These newer phones have an added icon. Looks like rifle scope crosshairs. On most phones you can turn this on / off. On the Treo 650, it will add a little red hash mark through the crosshairs telling you it's off. But it does not stop law enforcement agencies from locating you. Only stops your jealous wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / husband from tracking you down.
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