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    My poor Treo 650 bit the dust today so I took it into my local Sprint store. While the tech was looking at it the salesman who did my intake came up to me and told me he could save me money on my plan. He proceeded to explain that I could add a second phone and line at NO COST and by having this second line I would start saving 23% a month off my total bill.

    This sounds like a "too good to be true" scenario. Right now I have the SERO 500 plan. I am nervous about doing anything to mess that up in Sprint's system. I haven't been a Sprint customer for long, but I have noticed Sprint sometimes really does come through on these too good to be true offers. Can anyone tell me from experience if this rep was being up front with me, or is there some hidden catch he's neglecting to mention?


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    SERO plans are not shared plans. You can not add a line to it. Believe me I had to get a new line separate for my shared line that I had before moving to SERO plan. So if they are offering this, make sure you verify that you keep this plan and all features while adding another phone to plan with no extra charge.
    I really dont think they can do it. But if they are able to offer you same SERO plan with all things you have and a new phone added to your plan........ pm me. I might take a trip to NC myself to get it
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    Yeah, I explained twice to the rep that I had a unique plan, how I signed up for it. He continued to say I could add the second line & phone for no cost and start saving 23% immediately and for as long as I was with Sprint. The one thing he did say is he would have to up me to a 550 minute plan, which made me stop and say uh, I'll get back to you, since to my knowledge there is no SERO 550 plan.


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