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    Has anyone been experiencing connectivity issues in the DFW area the last few days relative to Wireless Sync and the data network in general?

    It started last Friday or so; my 700 wasn't staying connected and I stopped receving e-mails through wireless sync. I've experienced with issue with not recieving e-mails, but my 700 would stay connected to the data network.

    So today I decided to do a hard reset so I could do some spring cleaning (finally got rid of the stuck VMS indicator) and I reinstalled Wireless Sync. On resets, it still doesn't connect to the data network. I don't know what the hay is going on!!!
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    I guess I was the only one and something got fouled up.

    Although, it took some time to clear even after I did the hard reset. But all is good now. Finally was able to do a manual sync and it reprompted for the password and a couple hours later...e-mails started flowing again. They gotta get this crap fixed and working consistently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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