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    I am having sporadic success with SMS sending/receiving on a Verizon Treo 650. Everything will be working fine, then all of a sudden, I stop getting messages, and I will send one and it will never show as being received. The only thing that helps is a reboot or removing / reinserting the battery. Even then I only sometimes receive the messages lost in cyberspace.

    I live in Long Island, NY. I was on the phone with at least 4-5 different Verizon CSRs for 1.5 hours during one call... no kidding... they just kept handing me off to new ones, and each kept trying to send me text messages. At some point I finally got a few. But they decided my Treo was malfunctioning and sent me a new one. Guess what... same problem.

    This really bothers me since I am paying $4.99 for in TXT and PIX, as well as $24.95 for a data plan...

    Anyone experience this, or have any ideas? Any 3rd party apps that do the same thing as SMS?

    Speaking of 3rd party apps, I myself have only added 3-4 new apps. Not sure if they could be of concern.

    Thanks for any reply.
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    90-95% of the time, I have no issues with SMS. But, every so often, a bunch of messages will get backed up - and delivered all at once. Not a Treo thing, 'cause other users of Verizon phones I know have had the same issue from time to time.
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    I have this problem all the time, but IMO it has nothing to do with the's done it on all of the phones I have, and seems to be most common for sprint-verizon messages and during the heaviest calling hours. *shrugs* drives me nuts as I ONLY use the phone for text messaging, since I am deaf. bah.
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    I responded to this else where, this is one of the biggest reasons I ditched my Treo 650, the text for VZW was terrible, I don't remember it being that way with my GSM 650, just errors when I sent or it doesn't send or the fact it takes like 35-40 seconds to send in which you can do nothing else, went to the 9800 and never looked back, as far as texting is concerned....
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    My wife has the same problem with her 650. It won't show the SMS I've sent her as being recd so I'll call and tell her to reset the phone. Then they start flooding in for various sources. It's not a Verizon issue, it is her phone.

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