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    I considering adding my wife to my plan as a third line. She is not into tech gadgets. What is the best basic Sprint phone considering issues like clarity, battery life etc? She prefers flip phones. Thanks.
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    Since I have nothing really constructive to say, normally I wouldn't say anything, but since NOBODY else has answered you, I'll tell you this...

    I went to my local Sprint store a few days ago, and they have a pretty cool setup. Touch screen computers help you easily navigate through their phones to find ones with features you want and eliminate ones that have features you don't want. And, average battery life is written next to every phone (granted what they say and what is reality isn't always the same).

    So, if nobody else has any advice for you, I'd just go into the store and check out what they have. You have a 14 or 15 day return policy on any phone, so if you get one you don't like, you can always take it back and get something else.
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    Jonahan, thank you for writing. Unfortunately the nearest Sprint store is one hour away. I bought my treo 650 directly from Sprint over the phone. I'll check out some other phone sites on the net.

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