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    Sorry guys,
    Had to ask- I'm going to be traveling again, and the company's not providing me with a GSM treo. To my knowledge (i checked on spritn's web intn'l roaming site), there is no supported CDMA coverage in indonesia/india (or most of southeast asia). wondering if anyone has had luck with Spritn's rent-a-GSM and if it's SMS supproted back to the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wackochrisoidun
    wondering if anyone has had luck with Spritn's rent-a-GSM and if it's SMS supproted back to the states.

    I rented a Sprint GSM last year for a one week trip to Europe.

    I got calls on my number just fine, and was able to make calls. I was able to access my voicemail in France but not in Yugoslavia. (I later found out it has to do with how the local network is configured). I was not able to send SMS's.

    Here's what it cost:

    Phone rental = $56
    Shipping = $10
    96 minutes roaming = $144.00
    Activation (good forever) = $36
    Total = $246

    For another trip, I purchased an unlocked GSM phone off of Ebay for $85, which turned out not to work when I got to Europe. (There's no way to test the phone using the Sprint-supplied SIM here in the States).
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    If you are married to Sprint and want to use the same phone, Sprint used to offer a dual mode cdma+gsm handset from samsung that you can use overseas:

    You can probably still find it online somewhere...

    You know I really with Palm would do that with the Treo!! That would be awesome...
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    I use Sprint here in the states and travel overseas a lot. I've found that by far the best deal is to have a small unlocked GSM phone and use local SIMs (I use the Nokia 1100).

    Now the tricky part is getting phone calls at your normal number. I've found the easiest way is to use SkypeIN and forwarding for this. You should be able to set call forwarding on Sprint for 10 cents a minute when your phone is off and have your phone forward to your skypeIN number, which you can program to forward online from where ever you are (since you may not know the local number).

    For most places, SkypeIN will charge 20 cents a minute or so, plus Sprint's 10 -- still, 30 cents a minute for people to reach you via your US number isn't bad at all. Everyone once in a while you get a lousy connection, but 90% of the time it's totally invisible.

    Receiving calls in most GSM places costs nothing; the caller bears (in your case, Skype) the charges (which is why it's like 20 cents instead of the 4 cents or so to call an overseas landline)

    SkypeIN costs 30 Euro/year, so a little less than 38 dollars a year right now. And unlocked phones are very inexpensive. I like the 1100 because it's tiny enough to just fit in my pocket and then I just continue to carry my Treo in its holster as my PDA.

    Once Hollywood comes out I might change over to GSM; Cingular finally has decent coverage in my area but in 2003 (when I switched to Sprint with the intro of the 600) they didn't (nor did they have cheap data rates)

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