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    After I place a call, and want to create a 3-way call with another phone, I can dial another call & conference them in. However, once I conference them in, I can't drop the 2nd call placed and go back to talking to the first person. The only way I can end the call is if they hang up on me and the call is disconnected.
    Do other Sprint users (and Verizon users for that matter!) have the same issue?
    Anyone know of software to change this? Thanks!
    Treo 650/Sprint PCS
    Marlton, NJ
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    YES!!! one of our greatest annoyances!!!

    Its not sprint...I don't think. Its the phone app. It won't let you disconnect from the the 3rd call, and what's worse is that you can't place another conference call even if the 3rd call hangs up because your Treo thinks you are still in conference...SO ANNOYING !!!!

    BUT, I still love my Treo none the less!

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