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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any experience Sprint's data service and coverage? I live in the Eastern U.S. and travel quite a bit from (air and road) Boston down to the Charlotte area. I have been asked (repeatedly) to start accessing my corporate outlook exchange email from my phone. I currently use Sprint and would prefer to stay with them if the data coverage is good relative to other carriers - Cingular, Verizon, TMobile.

    Is Sprint's coverage and technology on par with these other carriers? I notice that Sprint's data service is cheaper than the others. I understand that voice and data do not play well together with CDMA, but rumors are that Sprint should be rolling out the new Treo hopefully mid-year on the EV-DO network. I may be able to push off my new phone purchase until this occurs.

    I am just starting to research the available options, but I would greatly appreciate any advice you knowledgeable forum members can provide.

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    Suggest you visit the SprintUsers forum. I've had Sprint Vision for years and use it often to check emails while on the road (both on my Treo 650 or using DUN with my laptop). Don't have experience trying to access an exchange service from my Treo. Sprint's data coverage is good in most areas. I've been in only one location (Southern Iowa) where I was unable to get data access during a week's stay.
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