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    Hey gang-

    Just got a new 650 today and pretty excited. I am going to use it with my mac. I need an AIM client and since I do not have a data plan (BUT I DO HAVE TXT MESSAGE PLAN) I am wondering what the best way to go regards to an AIM client..?

    I read thing about TOCCER but that seems to need a data plan- no?

    Thanks in advance for the advice
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    Without a data plan you are really out of luck for a full featured solution. About the only thing that you could do is have your IM forward. You don't have to always be logged onto AIM on your PC for that to work, which is how I understand it. Its a solution that you will receive a message but you can't view your list without some data use. If you are going to do a lot of AOL I would recommend looking into data. There just isn't an app for the Treo that does only text for messaging.
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    Verizon is offering an instant messaging plan now that works with AIM, MSN and Yahoo and only standard text messaging rates apply, so I was really excited as I can't afford Verizon's unlimited data plan, however, apparently the Treo isn't on the compatible phones as there is no where to go to get to the "get it now" and download the application. I wonder if there is some other way to get the software into the phone other than through their get it now? Anyone know?
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    When you are on AIM, press "Forward to Mobile", which will open up internet on your PC... which will then take you to personalize the service to you- at which point you can set it up to always forward your IMs to your treo, when you are not signed on your PC.

    that's what i have.

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    check out verichat....I think there is a sms option.

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