I have been experiencing intermittent yet frequent issues revolving around my data connection for a few months now. This has happened on this specifc line with a few different devices so I am confident it is a sprint issue and not a treo issue.

My data connection seems to time out a lot. "Time out" meaning that the vision arrows are there, they lite up greeen, but no data is passed. Whatever app is running waits to get info and then I get an assorted number of errors like the server you are trying to reach can nto be found, DNS error, etc.

When this happens I need to cycle the radio or soft reset. It may work for a minute but will eventually die again.

Tier 2 tech support has not been any help. I had a ticket with engineering but they never got back to me and I was too busy to track them down.

Anyone else experience something like this? Any suggestions before I start the lenghty process with sprint over again?