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    Howdy....has anyone got their 650 to work with these guys?. Their plans are cheap and coverage is good in my area, but I don't know what their deal is when it comes to Treos, or other companies phones in general. Anyone?
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    My experience with them is limited to a couple years back. They only sold Nakia phones and I would be surprised if they supported a treo.
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    They got into the Chicago area by buying out Primeco. Wasn't a bad company, but small. As US Cellular, they are still tiny compared to V & S. But got top rating by Consumer Reports, #1 as a matter of fact, in the Chicago market. Jan '06 issue I think. This was based on customer surveys. But look into their coverage areas. I had them in the Primeco era, and remember paying .40 cents a minute for roaming when I left Illinois. Ouch.
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