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    I have been running DSL reports since I got the Treo 650 one and 1/2 yrs ago. I was always in the 50 - 80 range. It was a little slow for streaming music with out pauses for buffering. When Sprint started rolling out edge early this year or at the end of 05 (can't remember exact date) I noticed my speed jump up to 120+. I really noticed it in my surfing and streaming. But for some reason I have been back in the 40-80 range for a couple weeks now. Any ideas what's up with the Sprint network? I'm in Houston.

    I run DSL reports all hours of the day and night so I know it is not just network congestion when I'm checking.
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    Sprint rolled out Edge in addition to EVDO?!? Just kidding. Oh, and it came out late last summer.

    A lot of things can influence measured throughput on these networks. Whether it's a tower outage/slowdown, overall network traffic, or just your palm's processor load at the time of the test, you really need to do dozens of these tests before you have a real sense of a true change in speed. 40-80 kbps is typical for a 1xRTT connection.

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