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    Just got a text out of the blue:

    2310: Free Msg: Download the hottest ringers, screensavers, and games using your monthly Sprint Vision service credit. @ Reply STOP to end tips
    Anyone else get something like this?
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    I've gotten random texts, actually got one today. I dont think you should reply as there could be hidden charges in that. I just delete them.
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    I logged into my SprintPCS account @ and submitted the question to them.

    Here's what they had to say:
    Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I will be happy
    to assist you regarding the Vision message.

    This is a part of a program started by Sprint to encourage Vision usage.

    The text message is zero rated. You will not be charged for it.
    However, if you do not want to receive this message in future, please
    responds Reply STOP to end tips.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Have a nice day.

    Sprint together with Nextel
    "Where our customers come first!"
    Here was my response back to Shaun:
    Just a bit of advice on this 'program,' I think you're fixing to royally peeve off a bunch of your customers. Most people I know, including myself would absolutely have a fit to start getting spam via SMS - sprint originated/approved or not. Looks a lot like a phishing scheme via SMS. Nothing in that SMS even hinted to me about being from Sprint itself. I'd highly recommend disconinuing this particular program before you have a horde of angry customers migrating from Sprint PCS.
    I swear, these people just don't THINK sometimes.
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    About a year ago, similar messages arrived on Symbian based phones and when you responded to the "free" offer, you wound up getting charged to a bunch of Russian "pay per use" SMS sites. I just saw a new thing like this on one of the Palm RSS feeds this am but dont remember where. Even if the ting is legit it prompts peeps into the habit of responding to thes ethinge which is a bad idea.
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    Here you go:

    "Redbrowser.A is J2ME based Java Midlet that sends SMS messages to specific number.

    The Redbrowser pretends to be a WAP browser that offers free WAP browsing using free SMS messages to send the WAP page contents. But what Redbrowser actually does is to send SMS messages to one specific number thus it may cause financial losses to the user.

    The fact that Redbrowser claims to send free SMS messages as part of its normal operation, is to fool the user into allowing the application permission to use Java SMS capabilities in phones that require permission from the user before sending SMS messages. This claim of free service is a form of social engineering.

    The social engineering texts used in Redbrowser.A are in Russian, which limits the trojan only to Russian speaking countries."


    "The RedBrowser trojan is unique in several ways:

    1. First J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition) malware. Some old Java viruses like Strangebrew do work on some Java phones, but RedBrowser is the first malware targeting Java phones on purpose.

    2. First mobile malware that tries to steal money. The threat is is still very limited: this thing does not spread by itself and we have no direct reports of anybody being hit by it in Russia (where the first reports were from).

    3. All other mobile malware targets smartphones (running on Symbian, Palm or PocketPC). This one works on many low-end closed phones. We've succesfully tested it under:
    Nokia 9300 (Communicator, running Symbian Series 80)
    Nokia 6630 (Symbian S60 smartphone)
    Nokia 5140i (low-end Series 40 phone)
    We've also heard it works under Blackberries with J2ME support. We will be testing it with Nokia 6310i - one of the first phones with Java support."

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